Best Portable Cribs Reviewed and Tested by Our Team

All babies need a crib, but the reality is that there is an endless list of choices you have when going to buy one. However, if you travel a lot with your child (or are planning to), a portable crib is likely your best option. These cribs are easy to fold down and travel with and will make your traveling experiences much more relaxing. In this guide we are going to discuss the ten best portable cribs on the market today, along with other helpful information such as FAQs and usage tips to inform you on all you need to know about portable cribs. Whether you are traveling a short distance over to grandma’s house, or are world travelers, you can benefit from a great portable crib.

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  • Automatic Folding
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  • Big Portability
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Product Criteria of Evaluation


Price is always a major determining factor. Parents have a wide range of budgets, but regardless, it is incredibly expensive to raise a child. Therefore, we try to select a range of items that include several affordable options so that any parent can afford them. This is especially important for larger ticket items such as a crib. They obviously cost more money than smaller items, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank.

User Ratings

It is important that the products we select have good user ratings. If parents are unhappy with the crib they purchase, we want to know why. A poorly designed crib is the last thing you want to give to your child, so we take ratings into consideration when selecting our items.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

We want only the best and safest products on our list. We like selecting items from manufacturers that we know understand the baby industry and are committed to high safety standards. With cribs, we love selecting brands like BabyBjorn and Graco, for example, because they are so well known and have a great reputation.

Ease of Use

Finally, ease of use is important, especially with portable cribs. We want to select cribs that are not just easy to install but also easy to collapse, store, and travel with. We try to only select items that we think will be easy for parents to use.

10 Best Portable Cribs



Finally, our number one choice for portable crib is this Graco Pack ‘n Play. This is the second Graco product on this list, and it makes sense why. Graco is a well known maker of baby products, including cribs. This makes for the perfect play pen and crib and is incredibly easy to fold up and take with you on the go. Best of all, this is one of the most affordable cribs on this list, which is one of the many reasons it landed at number one on our list.


This crib is incredibly easy to fold up and take with you. This is in part because of the automatically folding feet and wheels that allow this crib to become even more compact. Combined with their signature push-button fold, this is the perfect portable crib that could not be easier to use.

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Portable crib suitable for children up to 35 pounds
Works as a crib and a playpen with sturdy sides
Automatically folding feet and wheels
Signature push-button fold to easily collapse crib without effort
Durable frame can handle travel easily and won’t break
Comes with carrying bag for when traveling
Sides are all breathable mesh


This is one of the most affordable cribs on this list, making it a great value for the money and a solid choice for any parent, no matter your budget. This is incredibly portable and lightweight, making it a perfect and responsible choice for any traveling parent.

  • Abundance of portability features including push-button fold, automatically folding feet, and carrying bag
  • 2 fun color and design options
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Good that it can be used both as a crib and as a playpen
  • Affordable
  • Only the carry bag is machine washable, must handwash other materials


This next crib from Guava Family exemplifies what it means for a crib to be portable. This crib easily collapses and folds into a travel backpack, making it easier than ever to take it with you- wherever it is you are going! With multiple functions, this is a great crib that traveling parents are sure to love.


This crib is one of the most portable ones you will find, as it was designed with travel in mind. This crib sets up in 15 seconds or less and then easily collapses into a comfortable backpack that you can take with you anywhere. You won’t find another crib that is as portable as this one.
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Portable crib
Sets up in 15 seconds and collapses down into a convenient backpack
Sides are all breathable mesh for comfort and visibility
Comes with the crib, bag, and the mattress
Sleek modern design
Safe materials that are free from all toxic or harmful chemicals and ingredients
Secure zip closure
Crib cover is machine washable


This is one of the more expensive products on this list, but it is a great product that is one of a kind, making it a great value for the money. If you know you are going to travel a lot, this is a worthy investment that you will love.
  • This is easily the most portable crib out there, and the convenient backpack makes it so easy to take it anywhere
  • Sleek design compliments any decor
  • Safety features and secure zip makes you feel safe leaving the child in the crib without fear of them getting out
  • Easy to clean and comes with the mattress you should use with it
  • Have to purchase mattress sheet separately


BabyBjorn knows the baby industry inside and out, and their portable crib is no different. This is a great crib that is perfect for parents needing a lightweight crib that they can easily take with them on the go. Whether you are taking a quick trip to grandma’s house or are traveling across the world, you can easily take this crib with you.


This is one of the easiest cribs to set up and collapse. In just one movement this crib will be set up- no additional parts are needed! When you need to travel, it easily collapses and can be stored in the convenient travel bag.
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Portable crib suitable to use with children up to three years of age
Weights 13 pounds total
Sets up in folds in one easy step
Sides are breathable mesh with soft mattress included
Material is removable and machine washable
Comes with travel bag
Rigid base keeps crib in place and mattress hooks keep it in place too


This is an expensive crib, but it is incredibly well designed and uses the best quality materials. If you will be traveling a lot, this is worth the splurge. It is a great value for the money and if you can afford it, it is a great option that you won’t be disappointed with.
  • Incredibly easy to set up in just one move is very convenient
  • Machine washability is also a major plus
  • Sleek design is nice and fits any decor
  • 7 color options
  • Easy to collapse and travel with
  • Expensive
  • Need to purchase sheet separately


If you are looking for a convertible crib that is also portable, this crib from Graco is perfect for you. Not only is this crib lightweight and portable, it also has a convertible height and options to use as a playard. Any busy parent looking for options with a crib will love this product from Graco.


This crib is incredibly versatile and grows and expands as your child grows. It starts out as a bassinet and then adapts into a crib and playpen as your child grows. You will love the versatility of this crib and will be able to use it with your child for a long time.

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Portable crib for children up to 35 pounds (only use as a bassinet for children up to 15 pounds)
Lightweight and portable, features the Graco signature push button fold making folding the crib down easier than ever
2 height level options for the bassinet
Canopy element with soft toys to entertain baby
Sides are breathable mesh
Comes with carrying bag


This is one of the most affordable cribs on this list, making it a great value for the money. It is a great product that will last you a while and will make your life so much easier- something that every busy parent will appreciate!
  • The versatility of this crib is awesome- you can use it as a bassinet and a crib and a playpen!
  • The small size makes travel convenient, along with how easy it is to fold down
  • Small wheels make moving from room to room easy but lock into place when not in use
  • 3 color options
  • Affordable
  • Have to purchase additional items separately including a sheet or water proof cover


This next crib from Delta Children meets all the requirements a parent would want: the crib is portable, easy to fold and move, and has a great price. What more could you want? Complete with a sleek design that will compliment any nursery, this is a great option for any parent wanting a crib with this type of functionality.


This portable mini crib collapses to just 6” when fully folded flat. With their easy-to-fold design, you’ll easily be able to collapse the crib down when you need to, either when traveling or when storing the crib away.

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Portable crib
Lightweight design and folds flat for travel or storage
Solid front and back rails don’t move
Sturdy wooden construction
2 mattress position options
Comes with 1” mattress pad
Tested to be free of lead and other toxic ingredients


This is one of the more affordable cribs on this list, but it is just as sturdy as others on this list. It is a great value for the money and can be used by parents even on a more limited budget. This is another crib you’ll be able to keep in the family for years to come, but you don’t have to break the bank to make it happen!
  • Very portable, folds to just 6 inches makes storage easy as well
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • Sleek design will work in any nursery
  • Sturdy design and construction
  • Have to purchase the mattress separately


If you are looking for a truly portable, lightweight bed for your child- this travel bed from KidsTime is it. Super lightweight and foldable, this is the perfect bed for parents who will be traveling a lot with their child and need to bring a bed with them wherever they go.


This travel bed comes complete with mosquito netting that fully zips into place when using the bed. This is perfect if you are traveling to a place that has a lot of mosquitos, or even if you decide to take your child out to the park for the day- bring this travel bed and they will be protected from all bugs!
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Portable travel bed suitable for children 0-18 months old
Bed comes complete with mattress, pillow, and mosquito netting
Can be used indoors or outdoors
Combination of breathable mesh and cotton for maximum comfort and airflow
Easily folds down when not in use
Can easily wash mattress and pillow


This is one of the most affordable options on this list and will work for parents even on a more limited budget. It is a great value for the money and a great item to add to your collection, as it will come in such handy when you do need to travel with your baby.
  • Incredibly easy to travel with, overall weight of item is under 3 pounds
  • Netting is great, especially if using outdoors where there are mosquitos and other bugs
  • Comes in two fun colors- pink and blue
  • Fabrics are incredibly soft and comfortable, while also being machine washable, which is incredibly convenient
  • Probably can’t be used as a crib for everyday usage- better just for travel or for spending time outside
  • Some people mention it can be hard to figure out how to fold down


This is the second crib from Dream On Me on this list, and this one is fully portable for parents who need to be on the go. This crib will fold completely flat, making it much easier to move from place to place. With a bunch of safety features as well, this is a perfect crib for any child.


This crib will fold completely flat, making it incredibly easy to move. If you are short on space you will greatly appreciate how small this can fold. This also makes it great for storage, should you want to keep it and use it for another child or give it to someone else down the line.
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Portable crib
Folds completely flat for travel or storage
US patented rail system allows you to use as a crib or as a playpen
Wheels on bottom that lock in place when not used
Includes mattress pad
Made from solid pine
All tools needed for assembly are included


This is another moderately priced crib. It isn’t the cheapest or most expensive on this list. It is a great crib that you will be able to keep in the family for years, so it is a great value for the money and an investment that will surely pay off.
  • Travel and storage options with this crib is great- folds flat and has wheels
  • Rail system makes it easy on you to use as either a playpen or a crib
  • 4 color options
  • Minimalist design ensures it will work with almost any decor
  • Only comes with 1” mattress pad, would have to purchase an additional mattress for better comfort


If you are looking for a crib that is easily transportable and also easy to use next to your own bed, this crib from MiClassic will be perfect for you. Easy to fold, you can take this almost anywhere with ease, and set up safely so your child can be right there next to your bed.


This crib is made to use up against your own bed. It has 7 different height positions which will ensure it works with the majority of adult beds. The front half of the crib folds down so it can press right up against your bed. This is perfect for parents who want to be close to their child but don’t actually want to share a bed.
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Portable crib suitable for children up to 33 pounds/once they can pull themselves up
7 height positions and slidable legs for adjusting to adult beds
Comes with mattress, sleeping board, and waterproof cover
Crib can also be used as a regular crib when not using to cosleep with your child
Fabric is all machine washable
Can adjust height on just one side if your child needs to sleep up at an angle


This is a moderately priced crib, it is a bit more expensive than some other models on this list, but because of its unique features and how easy it is to travel with, it is still a great value for the money.
  • Lightweight design with sides that zipper make it easy for travel
  • Zippered sides also in place of wooden slats which can be dangerous
  • Can use as a cosleeper or as a separate crib, which is convenient
  • 2 color options
  • Easily adjustable to fit a variety of beds
  • On the smaller side of weight limits, you won’t be able to use this crib for very long


This mini crib from Dream on Me is just as stylish as it is practical. This small crib easily transforms into a daybed and can later be used as a headboard and footboard for a twin bed. This is a lightweight crib that you can easily travel with if needed and assemble into whichever type of bed you need.


This lightweight crib is very versatile and can be used as a crib or daybed easily. The crib also features 3 different mattress height positions, giving you even more versatility
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Mini crib suitable for children who weigh up to 34 pounds
Crib easily converts into a daybed
3 position mattress height system
Tested to be free from lead and other toxic elements
Product includes all tools needed to assemble the crib
Made of solid pine


This is a moderately priced crib, it is not the cheapest or the most expensive. It is a sturdily constructed crib with several uses, so overall, it is still a great value for the money.
  • Solid construction and sleek design
  • 5 color options
  • Can use as either a crib or a daybed easily
  • Small and lightweight design will make moving it much easier
  • Does not easily fold or collapse down, would have to disassemble if needed to make it flat


This portable crib from Big Oshi is the perfect crib for parents who don’t have a lot of space. This crib is easily adjustable, as well as portable, and will make life a lot easier if say you live in a small apartment or know you will have to move a lot while your child still uses a crib.


This crib features three height positions that you can place the mattress at. The mattress comes included with this crib and is easy to adjust to any of the heights. It is also incredibly secure and will not slip when in place.

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Portable crib for use when a baby weighs between 5 pounds and 35 pounds
3 position mattress
Lightweight design, collapses in easily when moving
Sturdy crib rails at front and back of crib
Made from pine wood from New Zealand
Comes with mattress
Wheels for moving that lock in place when using


The price for this crib is slightly elevated and more than some of the other cribs on this list. However, since you are getting a sturdy crib made out of wood that is also easily portable, it is still a great value for the money and is easily a crib you could use for years and years with different children.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy for traveling with, and it saves space since it folds completely flat
  • Sleek modern design is nice and will work with almost any nursery decor
  • 5 color options
  • Mattress is included which is nice, one less thing you have to buy
  • Sturdy construction and safety features make you feel confident your baby will be safe
  • Slightly expensive

5 Tips to Make Sure Your Portable Crib Functions Well

Determine the maximum weight and height limit: This is important. A lot of these cribs double as a playpen, which is a great feature. However, you do not want to use the crib once your child gets tall enough that they could actually climb over the edge. Make sure you know what their recommended weight and height limit is so that you know when you need to purchase a different play place for your child so they will stay safely in one place without fear of “escaping.”

Understand how it folds and how it is set up: The hallmark feature of the portable crib is the portability. However, you want to make sure that you fully understand how to fold up the crib, and more importantly, how to properly set the crib up for usage. If a crib is not properly set up it could be a danger for the child, so make sure you take the time to read any instructions. When in doubt, ask for help, or hire an expert to set it up and show you how it works.

Decide if you want wood or mesh: The main difference in portable cribs is their material and their usage. Wooden cribs are more sturdy but are not practical for tons of travel trips. Fully collapsible mesh cribs are best if you are planning to travel a lot with your child and need to have a bed for them to sleep in. Collapsable wooden cribs are good for when you need to store the crib, and they are oftentimes smaller than traditional cribs, making them a great option if you live in an apartment or small home and don’t have a huge nursery.

Purchase the correct mattress and sheets to go with the crib: This is incredibly important! A loose mattress or loose fitted sheet can be a major safety hazard. Your child can either get stuck if a mattress moves, and a loose sheet can potentially suffocate them if it comes loose. Always make sure you get the correct sized items that are designed specifically for the crib that you have. This is not an opportunity to find a cheaper alternative, as it is not worth the risk of your child’s safety.

Research the best way to store the crib: Finally, when you aren’t using the crib, you want to make sure you are storing the crib the best way so that it can easily be used again in the future. Make sure you collapse or fold it properly so that you aren’t accidentally damaging the crib without even knowing it. This will help prolong the life of the crib.

Safety Tips

Traveling can be made much more difficult if you have children, especially if you have a baby. It adds an entire new dynamic to it. There are more things that need to be planned, more stops that need to be made, and of course, more things to be packed and brought along with you on your trip. Whether you are flying across the world, or you are just staying over at your in-laws an hour way, staying the night anywhere other than home with a baby can be very difficult.

Like with any other product that is made for your baby, you want to ensure that your baby is as safe as possible with a portable crib. Portable cribs are designed with your baby’s safety in mind and shouldn’t cause any harm to your baby. However, you still have to be careful, as with anything, and make sure that you take steps to make sure that your sweet little one remains as safe as possible when using their portable crib.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

This important safety tip for portable cribs can’t be stressed enough, and actually it isn’t just for portable cribs, but for any product at all, but especially for baby products since it is so important to keep our children safe. More often than not, if an accident occurs with a product such as a portable crib, it is because the people using the product were not following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the product.

The manufacturer of your portable baby crib designed the portable crib and they know the ins and outs of it. They know best how to use their product in a safe and effective way. They provide the instructions that come along with portable cribs for a reason. That reason is not only to help you get the most out of the portable crib as possible, but it is also to help you make sure that your baby is as safe as they can be when using their portable crib.
It only takes a few minutes to read through the instructions and guidelines that the manufacturer of your portable crib provides, so there really is no reason not to do it. It is without a doubt, the best way to make sure that you use the portable crib effectively and most importantly in a way that is safe for your baby.

Choose a Safe Place to Put Your Baby’s Portable Crib

It’s vital that you choose a nice and safe place to put your baby’s portable crib. The location that you choose for the portable crib definitely plays an important role in the safety of the portable crib for your baby. One really important thing that you will need to consider when you are deciding where is the best place to put your baby’s portable crib is if there is anything potentially hazardous near the portable crib that your baby may be able to reach. Sharp objects, candles, anything that your baby shouldn’t put in their mouth, and anything else that could pose a risk to your baby if they were to manage to get a hold of it should be well away from the portable crib before you place your baby in it.

In addition to making sure that there are no potentially hazardous objects that your baby may be able to reach from within their portable crib, you will also need to make sure that there are no other kinds of dangers around where you put your baby’s portable crib. For example, you wouldn’t want to place your baby’s portable crib too close to a fireplace or even a heater. It will also be important to make sure that your baby’s portable crib is easy to access in case of an emergency or even just for when your baby may need you in the middle of the night.

Follow All Normal Safe Sleeping Guidelines

It is important to remember that when you are using a portable crib for your baby, all the same rules that apply for regular sleep in their crib at home still apply. You should be sure that your baby’s portable crib is completely free of any suffocation hazards. This means that there shouldn’t be any pillows or stuffed animals or thick blankets in the portable crib with your baby. These things can be potentially dangerous for your baby. Instead, the only thing that should be in the portable crib with your baby when you put them to sleep is one light blanket and even that may not be necessary.

baby sleeping

You’ll also want to make sure that your baby does not get too cold or too hot. Aim to keep the temperature warm but not hot if at all possible. It’s also important that you lay your baby down to sleep on their back. This has been clearly shown to be the safest position for a baby when sleeping in their crib or portable crib. By putting your baby to sleep on their back rather than their tummy or side, you are reducing their risk of SIDS.

Rest Assured That Your Baby is Safe

Portable cribs are made very safely to help protect your baby. There generally isn’t anything to worry about when using one. As long as you follow some very simple safety guidelines, everything should be fine and you and your baby should be able to easily enjoy the benefits of their portable crib.



Are portable cribs safe?

Yes! Portable cribs are just as safe as any other type of crib, they just come with added functionality. What is most important when selecting a portable crib is that you learn how to properly install it and use it. It can sometimes be tricky to learn how to collapse these types of cribs, so be sure to take your time and learn the right way. Always make sure you are setting the crib up the right way as well so you aren’t accidentally endangering your child.

How long should my child use a portable crib?

This depends on the specific crib and what they recommend. Typically, babies stop using cribs once they are around 35 pounds. Always check what your specific crib says and follow their instructions. It is also important to see what the maximum height is for the child, as children who are too tall can hurt themselves by trying to climb over the edge of the crib.

Can I travel on an airplane with a portable crib?

It depends. Many of the mesh portable cribs easily collapse down small enough so that you could travel with them on a plane. In fact, the BabyBjorn, Graco Pack ‘n Play, Guava Family come with travel bags that allow you to easily take the crib as a carry on item with you! The wooden portable cribs will likely be much more difficult to travel on a plane with, as they are more portable in the sense that they collapse and can be stored easily and could easily move from house to house say during a move (vs. traveling every day to visit family, etc.).

Is there a specific type of bedding you should use with portable cribs?

Not necessarily. Rather, you need to get the specific bedding that is made for the specific crib that you purchase. You want to make absolutely sure that you purchase a mattress and sheet that are the right size so that the mattress doesn’t slide around and the sheet doesn’t come off. However, there is no real difference between portable cribs and regular cribs. The same rules apply.

What are the advantages of a portable crib compared to a regular crib?

Portable cribs aren’t better just because they are easy to travel with. Portable cribs tend to be smaller in size in comparison to regular cribs, which make them great for parents who live in a small home or apartment. Some cribs aren’t necessarily easy to travel with but are collapsible which make them easier to store. It is these additional features that make portable cribs a great option for parents short on space, or for those who know they will travel a lot.

Decision Time

There you have it! These are the ten best portable cribs on the market today. Depending on your lifestyle and how much traveling you will be doing you can decide which crib will be right for you. If you are looking for a model that is smaller and easy to store, one of the folding wooden cribs may be right for you, vs the mesh cribs which are best for parents who will be traveling a lot with their child. Here’s more info to help you make the right decision!