Best Hybrid Diapers Reviewed and Tested

Even if you aren’t yet a parent, you are well aware that diapers are expensive. Babies go through a lot of them, and by the end of the month, you can have a huge bill just for diapers alone, not to mention everything else a baby needs! For this reason, many parents are in search of a more cost effective alternative to disposable diapers.

Have you heard of hybrid diapers before? They are the latest solution to the diaper dilemma. These diapers are a perfect cross between a cloth diaper and a disposable diaper- giving you the best of both worlds! These diapers typically have an outer diaper that is washable and reusable with an insert that is used inside the diaper- which can either also be reusable, or can be disposable. Parents love the ease of using these diapers, and the amount of money saved in the long run is incredible!

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If you haven’t considered hybrid diapers before, please read our full guide and review, we think you’ll change your mind! We have selected the ten best hybrid diaper products on the market today and also have plenty of helpful information regarding using hybrid diapers.  

10 Best Hybrid Diapers


1. Nora's nursery

1. Nora's nursery
Our number one pick comes from Nora’s Nursery. These hybrid diapers are a great option for any parent. This company thought of absolutely everything when designing their diapers and created a product that makes it easy for parents and comfortable for baby. With cute designs and an included bag, this is a great purchase that you are sure to love and use for years to come.


What makes this hybrid diaper purchase unique is that it comes with a convenient wet/dry bag. The outer pocket holds clean diapers, while inside you can hold wet inserts that need to be washed. Best of all, the bag is machine washable just like the diapers are. You can wash the bag with the diapers, making this an incredibly convenient feature that you will get a lot of use out of.

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Hybrid diapers for babies weighing between 10 and 35 pounds
Outer cover is waterproof material, inner material is a suede cloth that is soft and comfortable for baby
Insert goes into pocket in diaper- bamboo insert with 2 outside layers of bamboo and 2 inner layers of microfiber for max absorbency and comfort
Leg gussets to help prevent any leakage
Comes with wet/dry bag for storing clean diapers and wet/soiled diapers
Snap closures easily adjust to the size of your baby even as they grow
Machine washable


This product has one of the best prices and values for the money when you consider what you are getting. You get 7 diapers, 7 inserts, and a wet/dry bag. You cannot beat the value for the money, both in terms of hybrid diapers, and compared to the high cost of disposable diapers.

  • One size diaper is very convenient, this is the only diaper product you will need with your baby
  • Comes in 8 different color options
  • Product includes 7 diapers, 7 inserts, and a wet/dry bag
  • Everything is easy to clean and be cleaned together, making it even easier
  • Can also use other brand inserts if you have them
  • Recommended to wash first to increase absorbency

2. Grovia Shell Snap

2. Grovia Shell Snap
These hybrid diapers from GroVia are a great choice for anyone looking to start using hybrid diapers. Designed to be easy to use even for parents who have no experience with hybrid or cloth diapers, you will be able to change your child in no time.


To help make it easier for you, you can decide between two closure options. The hook/loop closure is similar to a traditional diaper, while the snap closure is easier to clean and harder for the baby to remove by accident (making it a great option for older children).
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Hybrid diaper with snap closure (hook/loop diaper sold separate)
Can use with their line of reusable or disposable inserts, or other types of absorbent diaper products
Outer fabric is waterproof
Snap-in soaker pads are reusable, their BioSoakers are disposable
Adjustable snaps allow you to adjust and ensure a snug fit as your child grows
Elastic leg openings help prevent leakage


This is another moderately priced diaper, and is another diaper that requires you to purchase the inserts separately. However, it is nice that you can choose almost any brand and it will work with this diaper cover. Overall, it is still a great value for the money and long term will be much more affordable.
  • One size options makes it easy and allows you to adjust as your child is growing
  • 14 different color options
  • You can easily use this with either GroVia products or other brands of diaper inserts
  • Easy to clean and reuse for years to come
  • Have to purchase inserts separately

3. Flip Cloth

3. Flip Cloth
Flip understands the diaper industry and has made a great hybrid diaper that is easy for parents to use and is comfortable for babies. Their one size diapers will adjust as your child grows and has easy features for inserting and removing inserts. Combined with great color choices, this is a great pick for any parent!


This diaper is truly a hybrid system because it is fully compatible with 3 different insert types- disposable, organic, and stay-dry. You can pick the inserts you want based on your lifestyle and the needs of your child. Some days you might want a stay-dry insert, while others it might be easier to just use disposable ones. The choice is yours!
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Hybrid diaper cover designed for babies to wear from birth until they are potty training
Waterproof outer material
Machine washable (or wipe clean when needed)
Elastic leg openings to prevent leakage
Butterfly closure with snaps to ensure the right fit no matter the size of your baby
Use with 3 different insert types: stay-dry, organic, and disposable


These diapers are slightly more expensive than some of the others on the list, and keep in mind you also have to purchase the inserts separately. However, considering the diaper is reusable and adjustable, in the long run it is still a great value for the money and much more affordable than using disposable diapers.
  • One size fits all so you only need these diaper covers and don’t have to worry about others
  • You can decide the type of insert you want to use, but all fit easily in diaper cover without having to stuff them in
  • 15 different color options
  • Easy to clean and reuse for years to come
  • Product doesn’t come with inserts, you have to purchase separately

4. Ecoable Baby All-In-Two

4. Ecoable Baby All-In-Two
This next product is another hybrid diaper from the company EcoAble. These diapers are incredibly convenient and are truly hybrid in nature. Use with disposable or reusable inserts, the choice is yours! With adjustable sizing, you’ll be able to stick with these diapers for a long time.


EcoAble understands that every child is different. They created this diaper to help accommodate various types of children. If your child tends to go a lot, especially overnight, you can fold their insert in half to create 8 layers of protection and absorption. The insert is also 2 sided so you can choose which side faces up- either the charcoal bamboo side to keep your child feeling dry, or the soft terry side for older children who are starting to potty train.
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Hybrid diaper designed for children who weigh between 10 and 35 pounds
Outer fabric is waterproof PUL material, inner fabric is rayon
Comes with removable snap-in two sided insert
Dual pocket feature enables you to add additional inserts if needed
Machine washable
Numerous front snaps allow you to adjust the size easily to fit your child
Elastic leg opening to help prevent leakage


This isn’t the most expensive or the cheapest product on this list. You only get 1 diaper and 1 insert with this purchase, but it is a good price so you can easily get a couple to have an entire set. Overall, it is still a great value for the money and similarly priced to other hybrid diapers on this list.
  • One size fits all so you won’t need to purchase additional sizes
  • Comes in 9 fun colors and patterns
  • Insert is customizable to what your baby wants or needs with more inserts able to be added
  • Easy to clean and use with reusable or disposable inserts
  • Have to machine wash before using to increase the absorbency

5. Charlie Banana

5. Charlie Banana
If you are looking for hybrid diapers that are as fashion forward as they are practical, this collection from Charlie Banana is perfect for you. This brand perfectly combines style with functionality, making for a perfect hybrid diaper that any fashion loving parents will love using with their baby.


These are unique because they come with two different sized inserts. Use a short insert for during the day, and the longer insert for overnight. This way, your child is always comfortable, but is more protected during the night to help prevent major accidents from happening.
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Hybrid diapers suitable for children weighing between 6 and 35 pounds
Front snaps adjust around waist and leg area to ensure a snug fit even as your child grows
Outer material is a waterproof PUL fabric, inner material is a microfleece material that wicks moisture
Each diaper comes with 2 microfiber 4-ply inserts: a short daytime insert, and a longer overnight insert
Small front panel allows you to add in an additional disposable insert if needed
Elastic leg openings to prevent leakage
Machine washable


These are some of the more expensive diapers on this list, but keep in mind you are getting 6 diapers and 12 inserts. These diapers are also one size fits all so this may be the only diaper purchase you have to make for your child. Given the unique designs and numerous options, it is still a great value for the money.
  • One size fits all with a large weight range ensures these are the only diapers you’ll need with your baby
  • Fun design options with 12 different color options that include some patterns and some solid colors
  • Comes with numerous inserts in various sizes to give you plenty of options
  • Easy to clean and able to use with either machine washable insert or disposable inserts
  • Product contains 6 diapers and 12 inserts
  • Slightly expensive

6. Bumkins Snap-In-One

6. Bumkins Snap-In-One
Bumkins has truly thought of everything when it comes to their diaper collection. Their snap-in-one diapers are easy to use, come in fun colors and patterns, and have a bunch of features that make them a great option for any parent. The numerous Bumkin accessories will make life much easier for busy parents.


What makes these diapers unique is that you can decide the level of absorbency you want or need. There is a detachable insert made of an absorbent microfiber material that you can either use or remove. You can also choose to tuck it in the inner pocket or leave it just inside the diaper for a stay-dry option. You also have the option to use a disposable insert as well.

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Hybrid diaper for children weighing between 7 and 28 pounds
One size fits all, adjust the diaper with the numerous snaps down the front of the diaper
Outer material is waterproof PUL fabric, inner material is soft cotton that dries easily
Customizable absorbency, removable insert can be used or left out
Elastic leg openings help prevent leakage
Machine washable
Can use disposable inserts in place of reusable one


This is one of the more pricey diapers on this list, although it is not the most expensive. Overall, it is still affordable compared to disposable diapers. It is a great value for the money considering you can adjust the size and use it as your child grows.
  • One diaper is all you need, it adjusts in size as your baby grows
  • It is good to have the option to use either a disposable or reusable insert
  • Product is easy to clean and reuse
  • Bumkins comes with other accessories like a waterproof wet bag, flushable inserts, cloth diaper sprayer in more should you want them
  • Diapers come in 11 fun colors and designs
  • Weight range is on small side, can’t use as long as some other diapers

7. Ecoable 3-Pack Convertible

7. Ecoable 3-Pack Convertible
If you are looking for a diaper that is truly a hybrid and very versatile, you will love these diapers from EcoAble. Use these diapers in any situation you need with your child. With breathable fabric, easy snap closures, and multiple sizes, these diapers are a great option for any parent looking to give hybrid diapers a try.


What makes this diaper unique is that you can use it as a regular diaper, or you can use it when your child goes swimming! This is a truly versatile product that you will love being able to use in any situation that arises with your child.
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Hybrid diaper suitable as a diaper, swimming diaper, or to use when potty training
2 size options to fit children from 8 pounds to over 35 pounds.
Snap buttons on sides work to ensure the diaper fits securely
Sewn-in insert for small accidents with an additional insert to be added during everyday use
Outer fabric is a waterproof PUL material, inner material is a soft micro mesh that wicks moisture away
Leg gussets in size 1 diaper to prevent major accidents and leakage
Machine washable


This is a slightly more expensive item, but not incredibly so. It is still a great value for the money when you consider that you are getting 3 diapers and 3 inserts that are all machine washable and reusable.
  • All-in-one convenience to be able to use this diaper during the day, while swimming, and while potty training
  • 6 different color options to choose from
  • Comes in a pack of 3 so you don’t have to worry about all being dirty at once
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • You have to use two different sizes
  • Have to machine wash to increase initial absorbency

8. gDiapers Gygabyte

8. gDiapers Gygabyte
These diapers from gDiapers are a true example of hybrid diapers. The cloth outer diaper can easily be used with either a cloth insert or a disposable insert. You have the flexibility with these diapers, which come in numerous sizes to use with your child as they grow.


What makes these diapers unique is that they fasten in the back. Not only does their design ensure a snug fit that prevents leakage, it also makes it easier for parents to fasten the diapers without their baby’s hands getting in the way.
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Hybrid diapers available in 5 sizes- newborn, small, medium, large, and extra large
Outside is made of a soft cotton that prevents rubbing or a rash from developing
Use with an inner pouch that holds either a disposable or reusable insert
Diapers are machine washable
Brand is Cradle to Cradle certified silver- ensuring an ecologically smart design, as their inserts are compostable (wet ones only)


These are a slightly more expensive brand of diaper, but considering their excellent design and that they are reusable, it is still overall a great value for the money. No matter what, you will still save money when compared to traditional disposable diapers.
  • Smart design keeps baby safe and is easy on parents with fastening in the back
  • It is nice to have options to use either a reusable insert or a disposable one
  • Comes in 6 fun and bold colors
  • Very convenient that the diaper is fully machine washable
  • Diapers aren’t adjustable- you have to purchase different sizes as your baby grows

9. LBB Baby

9. LBB Baby
These diapers from LBB are a great option and come in a convenient 6-pack so that you don’t have to worry about not having a spare clean diaper available. With tons of fun colors, your baby will look adorable and be completely protected. You can’t beat that combination!


These will fit both small newborns and larger toddlers easily! Hip snaps help keep the diaper in place without drooping, and the waist tabs allow you to draw it in more for even the smallest of newborns.
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Hybrid diapers- 6 diapers and 6 inserts
Three rows of snaps to make a small medium and large sized diaper all from one
Hip snaps keep diaper in place and prevent drooping
Waist tabs make diaper work for even smallest of newborns
Works for ages newborn-24 months
Outer diaper is a waterproof PUL fabric, inner fabric is suede
Inserts are made of 3 layers of microfiber
Diapers and inserts are machine washable
Elastic leg openings to help prevent any leakage


This is one of the most affordable items on this list considering you are getting 6 reusable diapers and 6 reusable inserts. This may well be the only set of diapers you have to purchase for your child, making it an incredible value for the money.
  • All the snaps make these diapers easy to use for months and months
  • All materials are soft as well as absorbent and waterproof for max protection
  • Everything is reusable and machine washable, which is incredibly convenient
  • Multiple color options for both girls and boys
  • Cannot wash diapers and inserts together

10. Angelicaware All in One

10. Angelicaware All in One
These diapers from AngelicWare are just as adorable as they are practical. Complete with numerous soft layers to keep your child dry and comfortable, you will love how well these diapers work. The bamboo inserts hold more water than disposable inserts and also wick moisture away from baby so they will stay comfortable.


Most diapers, disposable or cloth, come in different sizes. Not these ones, however! Their unique design allows you to adjust to use these diapers with newborns all the way until they are ready to be potty trained.

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Hybrid diaper with 3 rows of snaps in order to fit newborns and toddlers
Insert made from 5 layers of bamboo and microfiber for max comfort and absorbency
Pocket for insert, or can use outside of pocket
Diaper and insert are both machine washable and reusable
Leg gussets help keep diaper in place and prevent any leakage
Material is anti-bacterial and helps reduce odor


This is a very affordable option that almost any parent with any budget could afford. It is a great value for the money considering you are getting two elements (the diaper and the insert) and that both are reusable, especially over time as your child grows.
  • Bamboo and microfiber make the insert a great option that is safe, comfortable, and absorbs a lot
  • One size fits all is incredibly convenient
  • Leg gussets very convenient to prevent any major accidents from happening
  • Several color options and cute designs
  • For max absorbency, you have to first wash the diaper and insert numerous times

5 Tips to Make Sure Your Hybrid Diapers Function Well


  1. Make sure you get the right fit for outer cover: This is probably the most important tip. Because most of these diapers are one-size-fits-all, that means they are highly adjustable in order to fit a wide range of sizes. Most come with numerous snap options that you simply adjust as your child grows. Make sure you are getting the right fit at the hips and at the legs to ensure the diaper stays in place and is comfortable for your child.
  2. Understand how to use the insert: Hybrid diapers utilize inserts to hold and absorb moisture. Some diapers have pockets where you insert the liner in, while others are just a cover and you simply place the insert inside. Make sure you understand how your specific hybrid diaper works so you are using it how it was designed to be used. Some allow you to use the inserts different ways, allowing you to decide. For example, if you want to use the cover multiple times before washing it, don’t stick the insert inside a pocket (or purchase a cover without a pocket) so that the cover stays dry and is underneath the insert. Simply remove the insert, wipe the cover down, and place another insert.
  3. Decide if you want to use it swimming: Not all hybrid diapers are meant to be used in the pool. Even if it has a waterproof material, that doesn’t mean it is meant to be submerged in water. If the diaper cover is more of a fabric material, the water will stretch it out and it will basically be useless. Be sure to select a diaper specifically made for swimming (such as the EcoAble product on this list).
  4. Decide between disposable and reusable inserts: The best part about hybrid diapers is you can decide the type of insert you want to use, either reusable or disposable. There are pros and cons to both, so it really comes down to lifestyle and personal preference. Reusable ones are better for the environment, but require you to wash them and have enough on hand when your child needs them. Disposable ones are easier but you will always need to purchase more.
  5. Know how frequently they need to be washed: Be sure you understand the washing instructions and how frequently both the inserts and covers need to be washed. Reusable inserts need to be washed once they have been used. Some covers can be wiped down and used again if the insert sits on top of them. Make sure you understand how your hybrid diapers work so you aren’t left with everything dirty, and no clean option for your child.

Criteria of Evaluation


Price is always a major determining factor when selecting items. Disposable diapers are incredibly expensive, which is what spurred on the hybrid diaper movement in the first place. These diapers may seem more expensive at first glance, but in actuality all on this list are more affordable than disposable diapers because you can use them over and over again.

User ratings

User ratings are very helpful when determining the best hybrid diapers. These are a fairly new type of product and are not always easy to understand for parents who are used to traditional diapers. If other parents find the diapers easy to use, that is the sign of a great product.

Manufacturer’s reputation

We always want to choose products that have a good reputation. When it comes to the baby industry, you want to make the absolute best decisions that will keep your baby safe. With hybrid diapers, you want diapers that are easy to use, clean, and safe for your child. This means using safe fabrics and not using chemical additives or perfumes or other things that may be harsh on a baby’s skin.

Ease of use

Finally, ease of use is always an important factor. Parents are incredibly busy and don’t have the time to figure out how to use a new type of diaper. We try to choose products that are easy to adjust and get used to.

Hybrid Diapers vs Disposable Diapers

The world of parenthood is full of choices and as parents, those decisions start from the moment you learn you’re expecting a new little one. Among the many choices you’ll need to make as a parent is how you will diaper your baby. Most parents either choose cloth diapering or disposable diapering, but many don’t realize that there is a third choice. That additional choice that you may not have heard of before is hybrid diapering. Cloth diapers are certainly the most cost-effective choice but they just aren’t right for everyone. If you decide against cloth diapers, you’ll need to make a decision between disposable diapers and hybrid diapers.

When using hybrid diapers for your baby, you’ll have a set of the reusable hybrid diaper shells or covers. Each reusable hybrid diaper shell can be reused multiple times before washing as long as the hybrid diaper shell doesn’t get soiled or become soaked with urine. Most of the time, if your baby has a dirty diaper, the hybrid diaper shell will need to be washed before reuse as it will most likely be soiled. However, with diapers that are only wet and not soiled, you may be able to use the hybrid diaper shell over again before washing. If the hybrid diaper shell becomes wet, you’ll need to wait to use it again until it’s been washed.

hhybrid diapers vs disposable diapers

With a hybrid diaper system, you’ll typically use disposable diaper inserts inside of the hybrid diaper shell. The disposable inserts will soak up the urine and most of the waste from dirty diapers will also remain on the disposable diaper insert. These disposable inserts must be disposed of with every diaper change and are not to be reused like the hybrid diaper shells or covers. For this reason, you’ll be purchasing the disposable diaper inserts regularly. Alternatively, you are able to use reusable cloth diaper inserts in the hybrid diaper shells if you choose to. This gives you the option to use reusable cloth diaper inserts some of the time and disposable diaper inserts at other times with your hybrid diaper system.

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Diapers?

Hybrid diapers combine the benefits of disposable diapering and cloth diapering. One big benefit that hybrid diapering shares with cloth diapering is that it’s better for the environment than disposable diapers. It’s not as good for the environment as cloth diapers, but the disposable part of a hybrid diaper system is much smaller than a disposable diaper which reduces waste. The production of disposable inserts also generally has less of a negative impact on the environment than disposable diapers. Finally, many companies make biodegradable disposable diaper inserts which is definitely better than disposables which take an extremely long time to decompose.

The cost of disposable diaper inserts as well as disposable diapers can vary, so cost may or may not be a benefit of hybrid diapers depending on what brand you choose to go with in regard to either disposable diapers or hybrid diapers. Disposable diaper inserts take up less space than disposable diapers, so another benefit to hybrid diapers is that they are more space-saving and therefore they can be a great choice if you are limited for space or for when going on trips where you don’t have a lot of room to pack diapers.

hybrid diaper

One more benefit of using hybrid diapers with your baby over using disposable diapers with your baby is that the great majority of parents find that they have less diaper blow outs when using a hybrid diapering system compared to when using disposable diapers. A common complaint of parents using disposable diapers is regular diaper blow outs which are very inconvenient and lead to having to change your baby’s clothes even more often. Hybrid diaper shells usually hold messes in very well.

What Are the Benefits of Disposable Diapers?

There are also some great benefits of using disposable diapers with your baby rather than using a hybrid diaper system with your baby. One obvious benefit of using disposable diapers over hybrid diapers is that you won’t have to wash your diapers at all. Disposable diapers are designed to be one-time use items that you will dispose of after every change. This can save you a little time on doing the bit of extra laundry that inevitably comes along with choosing to use hybrid diapers with your little one.

disposable diapers

Another benefit of disposable diapers is that they are widely available practically anywhere. Almost any store that you go to including dollar stores, convenience stores, and gas stations will have disposable diapers available for sale. Disposable diaper inserts are not as widely available and depending on the brand you want and where you live, you may even have to strictly order your disposable diaper inserts off of the internet. Again, the cost may be a benefit of using disposable diapers over a hybrid diapering system, but it just depends on what brands you choose. The good thing cost-wise about disposable diapers is that there is no upfront cost like with a hybrid system where you need to purchase all of your diaper shells before your baby is even born.

Choose Whatever Works Best for You

Every family is different and has different needs. No matter what type of diapers you decide to use on your little one, the most important thing is to just make sure that your baby is diapered and changed regularly.


How long should you use hybrid diapers?

You can use hybrid diapers as long as you would use regular disposable diapers. These diapers are meant to be used in place of disposable diapers and can be used just the same way. Many hybrid diapers can even be used once your child starts potty training. Some hybrid diapers are one-size-fits-all (in fact many are) while others come in different sizes. It is up to you to decide how long you would like to use hybrid diapers. Many parents use disposable diapers with their newborns and switch over to hybrid diapers once their baby is a bit older, and use them all the way until they are potty trained.

Are they safe?

Yes! In fact, hybrid diapers are typically safer and cleaner than disposable diapers. While you have to change them just as you would a disposable diaper, they are better at wicking moisture away from the baby, making it much more comfortable for them. Most of the materials used with hybrid diapers are incredibly safe and are odor resistant and help prevent things like diaper rash from developing.

Are hybrid diapers really reusable?

Yes, hybrid diapers are meant to be reusable. Hybrid diapers consist of an outer “shell” that is completely reusable and machine washable. You use these outer shells with things called inserts, which can either be reusable or disposable. Disposable inserts, as their name suggests, can only be used once, but you can choose to use reusable inserts if you are looking for a totally environmentally friendly and economical option. Simply wash the shell and the inserts and keep using them- and in fact- the more these products get washed, the greater their absorbency becomes.

How many should I have?

Even though hybrid diapers are reusable, that doesn’t mean you just need one. In fact, you should have on hand several diapers and inserts at all times. Once a diaper and insert gets dirty it needs to be washed right away before being used again. For that reason, you should make sure to always have at least one clean diaper and insert available at a given time. Purchase a collection of diapers and inserts and get into a system of washing them so you will always have some that are clean.

Decision Time

There you have it! These are the 10 best hybrid diapers on the market right now. All of these diapers are great options, but certain specific features can help you decide which is right for you. Consider things like size options, insert type and usage, cost, and material when making your decision. Here’s some more information to help you decide if hybrid diapers are right for you.