Best Car Seat Travel Bags Reviewed

As a parent, your priority is always about keeping your child safe. If you travel a lot, it is in your best interest to bring your child’s car seat along with you. However, without proper protection, you risk damaging the car seat. Instead, you should invest in a car seat travel bag that will keep your car seat safe and protected from damage, weather conditions, and more. If you aren’t sure what your options are, here are our picks for the ten best car seat travel bags on the market today.

Our Top 3 Picks

J.L. Childress Backpack
  • J.L. Childress Backpack
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Nice Padding
  • Price: See Here
Zohzo Travel Bag
  • Zohzo Travel Bag
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Zipper Closures
  • Price: See Here
Kidsy Travel Bag
  • Kidsy Travel Bag
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Car Seat Travel Bags


1. J.L. Childress

Our number one choice for the best car seat travel bags is this product from J.L. Childress. This travel bag is well designed so that you can carry it on your back safely and comfortably without the bag pulling you backwards from the weight.
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The bag also comes with dual zippers and foam padding that ensures your car seat is completely safe and protected and will not fall out of the bag during your travels.

Harness-Style Backpack Straps

Instead of just normal shoulder straps, this comes with a harness-style strap design that takes the pressure off of your back and helps distribute the weight more comfortably.

Features and Specifications

    Size: 19x15x16
    Shoulder harness style straps
    Lockable zipper closures
    Inner foam padding
    Durable/water resistant material


This is an expensive travel bag, but it is a worthy investment if you are going to be traveling a lot. This is a great value for the money, especially considering the strap design. If you travel a lot, a bag like this will help you from back pain from carrying around a heavy car seat on your back.

Comfortable to walk around with due to strap design
Large size will fit most car seat models
Padding helps protect the car seat from any possible damage


Dark color may be hard to spot
Higher price point

2. Zohzo

The car seat travel bag from Zohzo is a great, sleek bag that is so well designed there is almost no way anything could damage your car seats. Dense foam padding helps to protect the car seat, and padded shoulder straps and a waist strap help ensure the bag stays securely attached to you at all times.

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Zipper Closures

This travel bag does not use less secure forms like drawstrings or velcro for their bags. Instead, they use heavy duty zippers that are sure to keep your child’s car seat in place for the entire journey.

Features and Specifications

    Size: 17.6x7.7x13.7
    Padded shoulder straps and waist strap
    3 color options
    Zipper closures
    Foam padding
    Water resistant material


This is an expensive car seat travel bag, but it is also a premium one that has the best materials. This is a good value for the money and would be a good investment if you know you are going to be traveling a lot.

Super easy to travel with because of shoulder and waist straps

3 color options including a more vibrant purple color that is easy to spot

Secure zipper closures give you confidence that the seat will not fall out of the bag

Water resistant, durable material helps you know this will last a long time


Higher price point

Dark color would be hard to spot at the airport

Smaller size may not fit all car seat models

3. Kidsy Strongest

This travel bag from Kidsy is a durable bag that comes in a bright color that makes traveling easy. The name card window also makes it easy to identify the bag as your own. With double shoulder straps, you can easily take the bag wherever you need or want to go!
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Ballistic Nylon Material

This heavy duty material is extremely durable and will ensure that this bag will last you for several trips.

Features and Specifications

    Size: 18x18x34
    Double shoulder straps
    Drawstring closure
    Durable nylon material


This is not the cheapest or most expensive bag, it falls more in the middle. It is a good value for the money and is a good option for someone on a more limited budget.

Easy to spot with bright red fabric

ID window makes for easy identification

Shoulder straps make travel easy

Large size will work with most car seats


Shoulder straps aren’t padded and may not be as comfortable

4. FlightJoy

FlightJoy makes this next product, and it describes exactly how your travel experience will go. This bag helps to make flying a joy! This convenient travel bag is easy to travel with and is a large size so it is sure to fit a large variety of car seat models. It comes in two colors, both easy to spot even in crowded areas (blue and red).
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Waterproof/High Durable Nylon Material

This material is waterproof, highly durable, and lightweight. Your car seat will be well protected without adding any additional stress on you when you have to carry it.

Features and Specifications

    Size: 34x18x18
    Durable nylon material
    Two padded straps
    Drawstring closure


    This is one of the more expensive products on this best car seat travel bags list, but it is still a good value for the money. This is a well constructed product that will keep your child’s car seat safe at all times.

Padded straps are adjustable

Large size will fit most car seats

Two color options

Material will last a long time


Lacks additional features like additional pockets

Slightly higher price point

5. Bububee 'Elua

You are sure to love this car seat travel bag from Bububee, especially considering it was designed by a former airline employee and mom. Designed by someone who needed this item, for other busy parents who need it! This travel bag is well designed and is incredibly easy to carry with a variety of straps and handles all over the bag.
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Oxford Nylon and Neoprene Material

This bag is superiorly designed with premium fabrics that will best protect your car seat. The outside is a durable nylon, and the bottom inside is a neoprene material that will keep your car seat free from any outside elements. The materials are also tear and water resistant.

Features and Specifications

    Size: 18x18x33.5
    Durable nylon and neoprene materials
    Two padded straps, two size carry straps, and a front hand strap
    4 step closure system mix of drawstrings and velcro


This is one of the more expensive products on this list, but given the quality of materials and additional features, it is a good value for the money. This is a stylish bag that you are sure to use for a long time.

Easy to transport with padded straps and various handles

Durable material will last a long time

Carrying case makes it easy to transport when not in use

Sleek, modern design


Dark color may not be easy to spot in crowded areas

Higher price point

6. Diddiboo

This next travel bag is another great option from the brand diddiboo. The padded shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry this bag around, and the bright red color is modern and easy to spot, even in a crowded airport.
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A durable option, this is a great bag you are sure to use for a long time. The personal identification box on the front also makes for easy identification and a chance to personalize your bag however you like.

Double Drawstri[/et_social_share_media]ng Locks

These drawstring locks are heavy duty and are also anti-slide so that you do not have to worry about the bag opening and your car seat falling out.

Features and Specifications

    Size: 34x18x18
    Heavy duty nylon material
    Padded shoulder strap
    Travel pouch included


This is a reasonably priced car seat travel bag, and is a good value for the money. It is one of the cheapest on the list, making it a great option for parents on a more limited budget.

Easy to transport in travel pouch when bag is not in use

Large size means it will work with a large variety of car seats

Easy to identify because of bright color


Only one shoulder strap

7. Surcomm

This next travel car seat from Surcomm is another great option for traveling parents. This bag is very durable and comes with convenient additional features like an ID holder and an extra travel pouch for storing other items. When you see the bright orange color, you know it’s your bag!
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420D Ripstop Polyester Material

This ultra-durable material will last you for a long time. Also, the material is water resistant, so your seat will be safe, no matter the weather conditions!

Features and Specifications

    Size: 33Hx20W
    Heavy duty material
    Double straps
    Additional storage pouch
    ID card slot
    Rubber handle


This is one of the more expensive products on this list, but it is a durable product that is sure to last you a long time. Overall, it is a good value for the money.

Bright color is easy to identify

Easy to travel with because of straps

Can carry child’s belongings in additional pouch


Slightly higher price point

8. Evecase

This cute bag from Evecase is the perfect travel bag for busy parents who are on the go and travel a lot. Need to get the bag quickly from baggage at the airport? No problem, thanks to the convenient handle located on the front of the bag. The padded shoulder straps also make this easy to carry around as a backpack.
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Easy to Store With Travel Case

Car seat travel bags have to be big in order to fit the car seats they carry. However, this bag comes with a travel case and conveniently folds down to a small size (9.84x6.7) for when it is not in use.

Features and Specifications

    Size: 17.5x12x2.9
    Heavy duty material
    Drawstring closure
    Double straps
    Front handle


This seat is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive. It is a good value for the money given the convenient features like the front handle and carrying case.

Bright green color is easy to spot so you can detect easily at the airport

Durable material will last a long time

Carrying case is convenient for when bag is not in use


Smaller size, it may not fit larger car seat models

9. Steadfast Solutions

This travel bag from Steadfast Solutions is sure to be something you and your child will love. With its great design, you will easily be able to transport your child’s car seat anywhere, all while looking stylish too thanks to the sleek, modern design of the fabric.
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Multiple Additional Features

What makes this bag unique are the unique features you don’t see on most travel bags. This bag has a handle, ID card holder, added front pocket, and two padded straps.

Features and Specifications

    Size: 19x19x34
    Two padded straps
    Fabric is water and mold resistant
    Black and white arrow design on fabric


This price is higher than a lot of the other travel car seats on this list, but given the abundance of additional features, it is still a good value for the money.

Stylish, modern design

Easy to transport with padded straps

Additional pockets to hold your child’s belongings

Fabric is durable


Dark color may be harder to spot

Slightly higher price point

10. bebeWANDER

This travel bag from bebeWANDER is a great option that should fit a majority of car seats due to its large size. This also makes it super easy for you to travel with the seat since it comes with two padded straps that allow you to wear it like a backpack.
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420D High Density Nylon Material

This material is not only incredibly durable, but is also water resistant. This will keep your car seat safe from the elements and can handle heavy travel and usage.

Features and Specifications

    Size: 18x18x34 (height)
    Durable, water resistant material
    Padded shoulder straps
    Double drawstring locks secure the bag safely


This is a good price for this item, it is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive on this list. For a highly durable, water resistant, easy to travel with construction, this is a great value for the money and is sure to be a bag you can use for a long time.

Very durable

Easy/comfortable to transport because of the straps

Fits most car seats

Closes securely, you don’t have to worry about it opening up


May not fit larger car seats

How to choose the right car seat travel bag

Have you ever had to take a child’s car seat with you when you traveled?

car seat travel bag

Traveling can be a wonderful and rewarding experience.Whether you’re taking your child with you on a vacation, or tackling a move across the country, traveling with a small child can be a rewarding experience that will provide memories for years to come.Traveling with a small child can also cause some extra difficulties, not the least of them the need to take your child’s car seat along with you.

The first decision you face is deciding whether to check the child’s car seat with the rest of your luggage or to gate check it when you board the plane, train, or bus. If you choose to check the car seat with your luggage you run the risk of it getting damaged and dirty. The upholstery and padding also run the risk of being ripped and stained. If you check your child’s car seat at the gate you will face the hassle of taking the seat through the security checkpoint along with your child and the rest of your carry on bags. Then you will have to lug the car seat and keep track of your child, at the same time as carrying your other bags through the airport to your departure gate, which may be quite a long distance from the front doors of the airport. Maybe I shouldn’t mention the trip to baggage claim, the process of claiming your baggage and packing it all into a vehicle upon arrival at your destination.

The solution

The solution to the problem is to purchase a car seat travel bag. These wonderful bags can make traveling with a car seat a pleasant and hassle free experience. There are many different car seat travel bags to choose from. They range from low cost to expensive and from being just a simple bag to having extra features. So how do you choose the right car seat travel bag? Here are some things to consider.

Durability and Construction

If you choose to check your car seat with your luggage a car seat travel bag can protect the seat from being damaged, stained, or getting wet. We all know that our luggage can sometimes be treated roughly once it disappears down that conveyor belt, so you will want to choose a travel bag that is durable and well constructed. Look for a bag that is made of a durable material such as ballistic nylon. These bags will be less likely to tear. Also look for seams that are sewn with a double row of stitching to reinforce them and prevent the likelihood that they will come apart. Another thing you will want to look for is whether the bag can be closed so that it is water tight. This is important if you plan to check the bag with your luggage due to the condensation that can build up inside an airplanes cargo hold. It will also help protect the seat if you are on a camping trip that encounters rain, or if the storage area you are keeping the seat in when not in use has a problem with leaks.

Fit and Comfort

Some car seat travel bags are larger than others. You will want to know the dimensions of your car seat and choose a bag that your particular model will fit well in. Some car seat travel bags come in large enough sizes to accommodate any size car seat. Some of them are smaller or made for only certain shapes. Comfort is another key element to look for if you plan on gate checking your seat on a plane. Is it easy to carry? Look for a bag with padded shoulder straps for easy carrying over long distances.

Bright Colors or Sleek Looks VS Utilitarian Design

travel bag for car seat

Which do you prefer? A bag with a bright red or orange color that is clearly marked as a car seat gate check bag? Or do you prefer bright patterns, or maybe a classic black? You can find car seat travel bags in many different colors and designs. One thing to think about if you are traveling by plane is the bags that were designed specifically to be gate check bags. These are generally bright orange or red and say Gate Check right on the bag.


Some extra that you may want to look for are name tag pockets to slide those little name and address tags into in case the seat is lost. Some other nice extras could be a storage pocket on the on the outside of the bag, and a handy carrying case for storing the bag when not in use.

The essential items to bring with you when traveling with a toddler

traveling with a baby tips

If you’ve ever gone on a trip with a toddler then you know that it can be a hair-raising experience. Carsickness, crankiness, and boredom can ruin a trip before you know it. Traveling with a toddler can also be a great experience full of fun, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime. The difference between the two is preparation and planning ahead of time for the trip. The keys to a pleasant trip were leaving at ten PM when they were ready to go to sleep, and making sure to pack some essentials must have items. Things like food, entertainment, first aid, something to clean up messes, and extra clothes and supplies are all essentials that you will want to bring with you when you are traveling with a toddler.


One of the most important items that you need to bring with you when you are traveling with a toddler is food. Nothing can make a toddler fussier than being hungry. Bring their favorites and also bring some exciting new treats to keep things interesting. The easiest items to bring will be ones that you can store in small containers or a Ziploc baggie and then hand to the child when they are hungry. Some items to bring for snacks include things like cereal, crackers, cheese, pretzels, pepperoni or hot dogs, and small pieces of fruit. You may also want to pack something more substantial for meals or for when the snacks just aren’t enough, and you don’t want to stop for a meal. Lunchmeat, bread, Miracle Whip, and a butter knife are traditionally a must have.

food for toddlers

Peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs, or muffins are some other ideas for more substantial meals for a toddler on a long trip. Please don’t forget to pack the sippy cup or some juice boxes for something to drink.


The second thing you will want to pack, especially if you don’t plan on traveling overnight when your toddler is more likely to sleep, is entertainment. You have many options of electronic entertainment, and for the sake of a pleasant trip, now may be the time to forego time limits that you have set for the use of electronics.

ipad for toddlers

There are even special tablets that you can purchase from popular toy chain stores specifically designed for toddlers and learning. Another idea to entertainment when you are traveling with a toddler would be to buy some cheap plastic toys and wrap them up individually. Saran wrap works just fine for this. It gives the child the thrill of something new, a gift that needs to be opened, and even if it is a small rubber pony or a matchbox car, it should keep them distracted for longer than their same old familiar toys. When the thrill wears off just reach in and grab another one. Another idea would be CD’s with favorite songs to sing along to, and if you have a DVD player in your car a movie playing is a sure bet to keep a toddler distracted. For night trips put a colored lightbulb in a child safe flashlight, and let them paint designs in the darkness.

Cleaning Accessories

Of course, you will not want to travel with a toddler some supplies like wipes to wipe sticky dirty faces or clean up spills. Make sure you have plenty of changes of clothing in case of accidents, messes, or spills. If you know anything about traveling with kids then you understand that they will always need to use the bathroom at the least convenient moment possible. Bring along some pull-up for overnight trips. Another idea is to bring a potty-training seat and put a diaper or pull-up in the bottom of it. Just pull over and place the child on the seat. You can use it right inside the car, and when they are done, just wrap up the diaper and discard it.

First Aid Kit

In the case of an emergency, you will definitely want to pack a first aid kit with the normal items like Band-Aids and alcohol wipes of course, but you may want to consider some extras. Carsickness may be something you don’t think about until the moment your toddler is vomiting all over the car. Buy a cheap plastic bucket and keep it or those moments. Also, some peppermint can be very soothing for upset tummies. Don’t forget to also bring your jumper cables, plenty of water, and some blankets. You definitely will not want to forget a car charger for your phone. If you have a roadside assistance program make sure you have the information to contact them in the case of an emergency with you.

first aid kid for babies

Traveling with toddlers can be a daunting experience, but it can also be wonderful, and lead to lifelong family memories that you will pull out and revisit in years to come. If you prepare well ahead of time and make sure that, you have the essentials your chances of avoiding a ruined trip will be lessened considerably. Things like food, entertainment, food, first aid, something to clean up messes, and extra clothes and supplies are the essential items you need to bring with you when you are traveling with a toddler.

How to Entertain a Two Year Old on Long Haul Flights

Taking a long haul flight is something that can seem daunting for an adult, but nothing can be scarier than the prospect of having to take a long haul flight with a two year old. If you find yourself having to take a long haul flight with a young child, it is essential that you are able to entertain them. You should consider, purchasing them a seat if you can, bring snacks, headphones, and have as many different choices of things to do as possible.

Buy a Seat for Your Child

traveling with chilren

Many airlines do not require you to buy a seat for a child until they are three years old. They allow you to bring a child on a flight for no charge, as long as you seat them in your lap. It can be very tempting not to purchase your two year old a seat in order to save money. However, if you end up on a full flight, you will regret not doing it. Holding a cranky, bored, or uncomfortable two year old in your lap will get old fast. Being able to put the child down, especially to get some sleep yourself, will go a long way toward helping you keep from getting impatient and cranky yourself. Not to mention having to stay in somebodies lap for that long will get very boring and uncomfortable for the child. For these reasons I highly recommend that you purchase a seat if you have to take a two year old on a long haul flight.

Bring Children Food

Airline food has changed a lot over the years. In some ways, it is better, and in some ways, it is not. The food offered on flights is often no longer free. It is also not usually the kind of food a child would enjoy. That is of course, unless you decide to purchase chips and cookies. Many airlines give you the option of ordering special meals for small children. This is usually as an option at the time the ticket purchase. If you are purchasing tickets online, it will likely be under ‘extras’ or ‘amenities’. If ordering over the phone, ask your ticket agent if they offer these special meals. Some airlines even offer jars of baby food with their special children’s meals. In addition to ordering the special child’s meal, we recommend that you bring along your own snacks in your carry on. Things like crackers, cereal, raisins, cheese sticks, and other finger foods.

Bring Cartoons With You

watch cartoons

One of the best ways these days to keep a little one engrossed are to put an electronic device in their hand. An iPad or Tablet loaded with movies or cartoons can keep them distracted for longer periods. You can also load your cell phone or tablet with MP3 files of your child’s favorite sing along songs. If you have time limits set for how long you allow your child to be in front of a screen, you may want to lift the restriction just for the flight and make your life that much easier. Many airlines now offer these devices that you can rent, but be sure that you bring your child their own headphones that fit them properly. Airline earbuds are sized fit adult’s ears, not a small child’s ears, and small children will be unhappy if they have to use them.

Wrap Toys One by One

Another great idea for entertaining a 2 year old is to buy a variety of small plastic from the dollar store. Take each toy and wrap them individually. You could use, wrapping paper, brown paper bags stapled shut, or even wrap each toy in food grade plastic wrap. Whenever you’re two year old gets bored just hand them another toy and let them unwrap it.

Let the Child Get Creative

When it comes to entertaining a two year old on a long flight, having too much to do is a much better idea than not having enough to do. Some great ideas for things to pack in your carry on include paper and crayons, picture books, coloring books, and a favorite stuffed animal. There is this great invention somebody came up with, called water activated finger paint paper. To use the paper your two year old simply dips their finger in water and then uses it to paint on the paper. Another great idea is to bring a bag of pipe cleaners and let your child get creative. Slime or silly putty inside a small resealable plastic bag will let your two year old have lots of fun without making a mess on the plane seats.

Child Coloring

In conclusion, going on a long haul flight can be hard for an adult to endure. If you find yourself in the position of having to take a long haul flight with a two year old it can be even more difficult. The key to making it through the flight and keeping your two year old entertained is prior planning and preparation. Spend the money to purchase them their own seat. You will not regret it if you do. However, if you don’t and end up on a full flight you may very well end up regretting it. Add a child friendly meal to your ticket when you purchase it so that you are sure to receive a meal your two year old will want to eat. Bring or rent an electronic device and a pair of headphones designed to fit a two year old. Bring lots of options of things to do, such as, crayons and paper, coloring books, water activated finger paint paper, pipe cleaners, silly putty, slim or play dough in a resealable plastic bag, and a soft stuffed animal for comfort when they get sleepy. My number one piece of advice if you need to go on a long haul flight with a two year old: book the flight so that the majority of your time in the air will be during the night when your child will be naturally apt to fall asleep.

Decision Time

And there you have it! These are our picks for the ten best car seat travel bags. When making your decision, most importantly be sure to measure the size of your car seat to make sure the travel bag you select will fit the seat comfortably. Consider the type of material you want, as well as the type of closing, such as drawstring, velcro, or zipper. With your price in mind that you want to spend, you are sure to find something on this list.