Best Car Seat Sun Shades Tested and Rated

As a busy parent, keeping your baby happy and making your life easier are two pretty important priorities. Firstly, the most important thing that you must do is get a proper car seat and a car seat protector to keep your baby safe. Secondly, a quality cushion and a nice toy  to keep them entertained. Apart from that,you might notice when driving that your baby has trouble sleeping, especially on long car rides where you would really like them to. The problem might be that the sun is shining too bright for them! The sun can keep your baby from sleeping and can also make them overheat, even when in the car. The best way to avoid this problem is to invest in a good sun shade that you can put up in your car.

A sun shade will attach to your back window in your car and will totally shield your baby from the sun. With the temperature being cooler and it being darker, your baby will be much happier on their next car ride. Not sure what shield will be best for you? No problem! We have compiled this list of the ten best car seat sun shades on the market today.

Our Top 3 Picks

EZ-Bugz Car Shades
  • EZ-Bugz Car Shades
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • UV Protective
  • Price: See Here
Cozy Greens® Shade
  • Cozy Greens® Shade
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy to install
  • Price: See Here
Uarter Car Shade
  • Uarter Car Shade
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Universal Sleek Fit
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Car Seat Sun Shades


1. EZ-Bugz

Our number one pick for car seat shade comes from EZ-Bugz. These sun shades are easy to install, protect your child from UV rays, and are just as adorable as they are functional. Your child will love these shades just as much or more than you do!
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Giraffe Design

We love this sun shade because of its incredibly cute design. More importantly, this design will be loved by your child, who will love riding along in the car with his friend the giraffe!

Features and Specifications

    Car seat sun shades- pack of two
    Dimensions: 17x14
    Protects from harmful UV rays
    Made of high-quality nylon/mesh material
    Attaches easily with two suction cups
    Comes with a carrying case for when not in use


This is one of the more expensive products on this best car seat sun shades list, but it is still an inexpensive product. It is a great value for the money considering you are getting a high quality design that is equal parts function and adorable. Finally, keep in mind you are getting two shades instead of one!

Giraffe design is sure to make your child happy

Protects from harmful UV rays

Easy to take down and store/travel with using included carrying case


Suction cups are used to install the shades

2. Cozy Greens®

Making it into our top two best car seat sun shades are these ones from Cozy Greens. We love these shades because they are easy to install, fit all car windows, are easy to transport, and block out UV rays. What’s not to love?
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Heavy-Duty, Reinforced Wire Frame

These shades are great because they are lightweight, but also have a durable frame that helps protect them so that you can use them for a long time. Even though the frame is heavy-duty, it can still easily bend so you can fold it up and store it in your carrying case when not in use!

Features and Specifications

    Car seat sun shields- pack of two
    Dimensions: 19x12
    Super Static Cling Technology holds the shield in place
    Blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays
    Comes with storage bag


Another reason these shades are so great is because they are so affordable. These are some of the cheapest on this list, but are still a high quality product that you are sure to love. These shades have great value and all parents are sure to be happy with them.

Easy to install- no suction cups needed

Cling on material means these can be used over and over, and can easily be repositioned

Blocks out the majority of harmful rays so you know your child is safe

Can be used on any car window


Does not cover 100% of the car window

3. Uarter

These sleek window shades from Uarter will make you feel like you are driving in style. These shades attach over your car door perfectly to provide 100% sun protection for everyone in the back seat of your car. Your passengers will be cool and calm and happy to ride for hours!
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Universal Sleek Fit

What makes this sun shade so great is that it fits a large amount of cars, but does so in style. These will not affect the appearance of your car, but give your child and any other passengers all of the great benefits they need. These shades will fit windows up to 46.8 inches wide and 23.6 inches tall.

Features and Specifications

    Car seat sun shades- pack of two
    Easily installs like a sock over your rear car windows- no suction cups or cling on material
    Fits car door windows that are up to 46.8 inches wide and 23.6 inches tall
    Provides total UV protection and covers the entire window


These shades are a great value for the money, and are not too expensive. They are not the cheapest on this list either, but they are still very affordable. For a product of this quality, it is worth the money.

Easy to install- simply slip over your rear windows and go

Provides total UV protection and covers the entire window

Can be used with the window up or rolled down


Can only be used on rear side windows

4. Britax EZ-Cling

Everyone knows Britax, in fact your car seat might be made from them, so it makes sense people would trust them with other items such as with sun shades. These cling on shades can be placed on any window and will help reduce sun glare and heat in your car.
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UPF 30

These sun shades do a great job shielding your child from the harmful rays of the sun. With UPF 30 you are sure that your child is safely protected from UV rays.

Features and Specifications

    Car seat sun shades- pack of 2
    Dimensions: 19x12
    Attaches as a cling on to your window
    Lightweight design helps keep the shade in place

These are some of the most inexpensive shades on this list. It is such a great value for the money, you cannot beat the price of these shades! If you are on a limited budget, these will be great for you.

Easy to install- no suction cups needed

Powerful UV protection keeps your child safe

You can easily take these off and reposition them without fear of them “losing their stickiness”


May not block out all sun, as these do not block out the entire window

5. iSmartShield

iSmartShield has got you covered with these window shades! Simply slip them over your rear doors and go, it’s that simple. Your child will be protected from sun, heat, and bugs should you decide to roll the windows down.
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Universal Fit

The problem with some of these types of sun shades is that they do not fit on all cars, but this product has a universal fit that is able to fit a larger variety of cars due to its larger size options. Your window can be up to 44.5 inches long and 20 inches high and this will still fit it.

Features and Specifications

    Car seat sun shades- pack of two
    Attaches like a sock- no suction cups or cling on material
    Comes with bonus gift sticky pad for holding your cell phone or loose change
    Protects from harmful UV rays


These are priced very fairly and fall in the mid-range when comparing prices of all the products on this list. It is not the cheapest or the most expensive, and is very affordable. It’s a great value for the money, especially considering you get two shades and a free gift with purchase.

Easy to install- simply slide it over the door

Covers the entire window, no sun will get through

Protects against UV rays, and bugs if you use with the window down


Can only be used on rear side windows, not the back car window

6. Baby 1st

These sun shades from Baby 1st are great, and your child is sure to enjoy their car ride because of them. Blocking out the sun and the heat, these will help keep your entire car cool, so everyone (not just your kids!) will be happy. Slip over the window and hit the road!
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Double Layer Design

What’s great about these types of sun shades that slip over car windows is that they have a double layer design. With this, you can actually roll down the window but still have full protection from the sun. This will also work to keep your car cool, even when it is parked. No more getting into a burning hot car at the end of the day!

Features and Specifications

    Car seat sun shades- pack of two
    Dimensions: fits windows up to 45 inches in width and 18 inches in height
    Blocks out 84% of harmful UV rays
    Tested by the Australia Radiation Protection Agency
    Attaches like a sock over your car door- no suction cups or cling on material
    Two color options- black or colored animal jungle print


This is one of the most expensive products on this list, but is worth the little extra money. It is a great value for the money and is still relatively inexpensive, especially considering you get two sun shades.

Easy to install- just slip it over your back car doors

Keeps your child safe by blocking out majority of harmful UV rays

Covers the entire window so no accidental sun shining will happen

Two color options, including a fun animal scene


May not fit with all car doors

Can only be used on rear doors, not the back window

7. Qualizzi Mottor

Qualizzi Mottor is here to make your car trips easier with their easy to install sun shades. Slip their shades on your back door windows and you have full window sun protection. With these shades your windows can be up or down, but you know your child will be safe, cool, and protected from harmful UV rays.
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Nylon and Spandex Material

This product is very well made with incredibly heavy duty mesh that is comprised of nylon and spandex. This makes the shield durable, but also stretchy enough that it should easily fit on your car window without too much effort.

Features and Specifications

    Car seat sunshades- pack of two
    Dimensions: fits windows up to 33 inches wide and 29 inches high
    Attaches like a sock over your car door- no suction cups or cling on material
    Acts as a bug screen when the window is rolled down


These are slightly more expensive than some other products on this list, but they are still very affordable and are a great value for the money. With these shields you have peace of mind that they won’t fall off, which is worth the little extra money.

Easy to install- no worrying about these falling off since they are attached securely to your entire car door

Covers up the entire window, so you don’t have to worry about some sun accidentally shining in

Durable and stretchy material that will last you a long time


Can only use on rear side doors, not in the back window or front side doors

Might not fit large cars or truck windows


These next sun shades from Mijoyee will make your car trips much more comfortable. This pack of two shades will keep your back seat cool and dark, and are very easy to install. Their UV protection technology keeps out harmful UV rays and keeps your child safe.
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Super Static Cling Technology

Using shades as a cling on is much easier than using suction cups, but sometimes with the cling ons, the shades fall off! With their Super Static Cling Technology, however, you can rest easy that these will easily attach and stay put until you want to take them down.

Features and Specifications

    Car seat sun shields- pack of two
    Dimensions: 17x14
    Blocks out harmful UV rays
    Attaches like a cling on
    Folds down into carrying case when not in use


This is another incredibly affordable option and is one of the most inexpensive on this list. This is a great value for the money, especially considering you get two shades.


Easy to install- no suction cups needed

Blocks out harmful rays and keeps the seat dark and cool

Easy to travel with by simply folding down into carrying case


These shades fit most, but not all, car seat back windows

9. Homitt Static Cling

This next shade from Homitt is large, easy to install, durable, and compact! What’s not to love? In this pack of 3 shades you will easily be able to shield your entire back seat of your car with ease. When you don’t need to use them, they easy fold down and store in their carrying case, making them easy to travel with.
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Static Cling Material

These shades are made from a cling material that allows you to easily install them, and also easily re-attach them as many times as you want to. Because you aren’t using suction cups or other “sticky” materials, you don’t have to worry about them losing their effectiveness or falling off the window.

Features and Specifications

    Sun shades- pack of three
    Dimensions of each shade: 19.7x12.2
    Easily folds into smaller size to store in carrying case
    Blocks out UV rays
    Attaches as a cling on to any car window
    Made of durable 600D Oxford fabric


These are some of the most affordable sun shades on this list, and considering you get 3, it is a great value for the money. If you are on a more limited budget, these will be a great option for you.

You get 3 shades with this purchase

No messing with suction cups, these attach to your windows easily

Can attach to any window in your car, including your back window

These are durable and will last you a long time

Easy to travel with


Sometimes does not stick as easily to windows, particularly when it is cold out

10. Fast Mile

This last shades from Fast Mile come as a two pack, meaning you can have the back of your car totally shielded from the sun. If you have multiple passengers in your back seat, this will be a great product for you. You will love how easy it is to install this shade, and even better, how easy it is to clean.
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Easy Install- “Sock” Design

With this sun shield you do not have to worry about a difficult install. Instead of using suction cups, this shield is like a sock that simply slips over the entire door of your car. This is easy to install, and ensures the entire window is blocked from the sun.

Features and Specifications

    Car seat sun shade- pack of two
    Installs easily by sliding over entire car door: it can stretch to fit a maximum size of 45 inches long by 18 inches high
    Blocks out harmful UV rays
    Can work as a bug screen if you roll the window down
    Machine washable


This is one of the more expensive products on this list, but it is a great value for the money. You are getting a high quality item (which is a set of two) that is easy to install and incredibly effective. Overall, it is still very affordable, but is just not the most inexpensive on this list.

Easy to install- no messing with suction cups

Easy to clean, which is good especially if you use with the window down

This helps keep your car cool so you don’t have to run as much AC

Fits the entire window of your car so you don’t have to worry about sun peaking through


Potentially if your car is too small or too large this won’t fit

Can only use on door windows

The Reason You Must Have a Car Sun Shade

When it comes to products that are marketed towards parents with babies, there are endless options available. Some are just for fun, some are completely ridiculous, and some are absolute necessities. One thing that seems to often go unthought of, but should most certainly be considered as one of those very necessary products when you have a baby is a sun shade for your car.

What Exactly is a Car Sun Shade?

A car sun shade may be known by many different names including car shade, sun screen, UV shield, sun shield, heat shield, car shield, and car screen. It is essentially a sheet of various materials that goes onto your car’s windshield or your car’s windows with the purpose of blocking the sun and preventing potentially harmful UV rays from reaching the interior of your car.

baby protection car sun shade

Sun shades can be very beneficial, so it’s a great idea to have them for every window and windshield of your car even if you don’t have any kids. However, they become essential if you do have a baby. You specifically want to have a sun shade on the window nearest to your baby when your baby is in your car.
In addition to being very beneficial, car sun shades are typically very simple and easy to use. Different car sun shades may install in different ways, especially depending on where they are designed to go inside your car. Many car sun shades that are designed specifically with baby in mind attach to the windows of your car via suction cups. Some that are designed for the windshield may simply be placed in the windshield, sometimes with instructions to open the car’s visors to hold the car sun shield in place in the windshield.

How the Sun Affects Unprotected Vehicles

When a vehicle is left without any protection from the sun, there can be harmful effects. The sun rays go into the vehicle through windows and windshields and bounce around. This creates a greenhouse effect where the sun comes into the vehicle and heats it up but then the heat is trapped inside of the vehicle causing temperatures to be much higher inside the vehicle than outside the vehicle. This can make entering a vehicle uncomfortable and inconvenient. The consistent exposure to the sun can also cause damage to the interior of the car over time.

The Benefits of Car Sun Shades for Your Baby

Having sun shades throughout your car can have many benefits no matter what. However, if you have a baby in the car, you will find that car sun shades have even more valuable benefits.

Keeping the Baby Cool

Car sun shades help your baby to stay cool and comfortable. By blocking the sun from entering the car, car sun shades help to prevent the greenhouse effect from occurring in the vehicle. Thanks to this, the car will stay cooler than it would otherwise. The car staying cool is vital to your baby’s well-being. Not only is it a matter of comfort, but when a baby overheats, it puts their health at risk as well including raising their chance of dehydration, heat stroke and even SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Preventing the Baby from Getting a Sunburn

In addition to helping keep the temperature of your car down and protecting your baby from potentially overheating, car sun shades also protect your baby from acquiring a painful sunburn. They do this by blocking not only the light and heat of the sun but also preventing potentially dangerous and harmful UV rays from penetrating the vehicle.

Over exposure to the sun can cause your baby to get a sunburn. Babies have particularly sensitive skin compared to adults and are more likely to get a sun burn more quickly than we would. Sun burns can also be worse for babies because babies aren’t able to understand what’s happening and are less able to deal with pain than we are.

Protecting Your Baby’s Eyes

In addition to the damage that the sun’s rays can potentially cause to your baby’s skin, they also pose a threat to your baby’s delicate eyes. The more that our eyes or our babies’ eyes are exposed to direct sunlight, the more damage that they take on. Eventually this can lead to decreased range and clarity of eyesight. Protect your baby’s eyes while in the car by using car sun shades on your windows, especially use them on the window’s next to your baby’s car seat.

Maximize Your Baby’s Comfort in the Car

Most babies are not big fans of being in the car. There are plenty of things you can do to try to help this and one of the most important things you can do to help your baby enjoy the car better is to keep them as comfortable as possible while in the car. Using car sun shades can help increase the comfort level of your baby in the car by keeping it cool and by protecting their skin and their eyes from potential burns and damage.

sun shades for babies

In addition, it prevents annoying glares. The sun in the car may force your baby to have to squint their eyes to see around them which can be upsetting for a baby. Your baby likely wants to be able to look around and study their surroundings freely. This can help calm your baby and keep them content and relaxed. You can allow your baby to more easily study their surroundings by using car sun shades.

Protects Your Baby’s Car Seat

Overtime, exposure to the bright rays of the sun, specifically the UV rays that the sun produces, can cause damage and wear on not only your vehicle’s seats, but also on your baby’s car seat. The exposure to these sun rays can eventually cause fading, and eventually can even damage the integrity of the materials in your baby’s car seat as well as your vehicle seats.

Protect Your Baby to the Best of Your Ability

Protecting our little ones takes the upmost priority and importance in our lives. One thing that may be sometimes overlooked but is exceedingly important is protecting our babies from the sun while in our cars. Exposure to sun in the car can cause many problems for baby that can easily be avoided by simply using car sun shades. Their ease of use and the fact that most all of them are fairly affordable takes away any excuses we might have to not take advantage of this valuable tool to help protect and increase the comfort of our sweet babies.

Evaluation Criteria

Having a baby makes having a car sun shade a necessity as baby’s safety and comfort should always come first. When choosing which car sun shades are right for you, there are several important factors that you should take into consideration.

How the Car Sun Shade Installs

Different car sun shades install in different ways. How the sun shade installs should definitely help you to decide which car sun shade is for you. You want to consider which way of installation will work best for you and which one you find most convenient.

Some car sun shades are cling on style and simply cling to the window. Another way that some car sun shades install is similar to vinyl stickers. These are usually cut to the same size as your specific car window. Probably the most common way that car sun shades install is by using suction cups attached to the car sun shade to stick it onto the window.

How Much Coverage It Provides

Car sun shades come in all different sizes and shapes, so you definitely want to think about how much coverage the car sun shade needs to provide to meet your needs. Some people find that a smaller shade does the trick just fine, while some people feel like a car sun shade that provides full coverage is essential.

car seat sun shade

To get a car sun shade that provides full coverage, you’ll need one that is designed for you to measure it and cut it to fit onto your window perfectly. Other car sun shades may provide more or less coverage from the sun depending on the size of the shade compared to the size of the window you place it in. Measure your windows and compare that to the size of different car sun shades until you find one that you feel will provide an adequate amount of coverage for you.

Whether or Not It’s Retractable

Another consideration that you’ll want to take about your car sun shade is if it’s retractable or not. Some car sun shades have the option to retract up into a tube that you attach to your window usually by suction cups. You may find that you sometimes want to be able to more clearly see through your window without the car sun shade in the way. The retractable car sun shades allow you to easily do this without having to take the car sun shade off of the window at all.

Will It Fit Well Where You Want It?

Car sun shades, just like cars themselves, come in all different shapes and sizes. This means that, obviously, not all car sun shades will work well for your specific vehicle. Some car sun shades may be so small compared to your windows that they don’t provide adequate coverage.

On the other hand, if you have particularly small vehicle windows, you may find that some car sun shades are too large and won’t fit on your car’s windows at all. The car sun shades that are designed to be cut by you to the perfect size and shape for your window will, of course, fit on any car window perfectly.

Can You Still Use the Window with the Car Sun Shade Installed?

Something else to think about when you’re shopping for your car sun shade is if it’s important to you to be able to still roll your window down with the car sun shade installed. Some car sun shades that are very thin and attach to the window similarly to the way a vinyl sticker attaches will allow you to still operate the window and roll it down without having to uninstall the car sun shade first.

Most car sun shades, however, will have to first be uninstalled before you are able to roll the window down. With retractable car sun shades, you can usually roll your window partially down without uninstalling it first. However, you still won’t be able to roll it all the way down unless you first take the car sun shade off.

The Design

The appearance of the car sun shades that you choose may also be important to you. Most car sun shades are plain without any type of design. This might be good if you’re hoping it will blend in more and not be as noticeable or eye-catching.

If you’re looking for something a little more fun, or perhaps something that your child will really love, you can consider choosing a car sun shade that has some sort of design on it. There are many car sun shades that provide plenty of fun and colorful options. Designs could range from adorable zebras frolicking along to elegant swirls.


Obviously, with any purchase that you make, you’ll want to consider the price of the product first. The range of price for car sun shades is fairly large. Some are extremely affordable, while others are a bit more pricy. There should be plenty of options available for a budget of any size, though.

You may be tempted to choose the cheapest option you find, but consider more than just price. You want to make sure that whatever car sun shade you choose has a great value and not just a cheap price. Look for something affordable that fits as many of your other preferences for a car sun shade as possible too.

User Reviews

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to consider what other people think of the products you’re considering purchasing. Look to see what the real users of the car sun shade think of it by looking through user reviews and the ratings that the product has received. Nobody knows how good or not so good that a product is better than the real people that have actually purchased and used the products.

Consider All of Your Choices

With all of the different options of car sun shades out there that are available, you have a lot to consider before making a purchase. Think about what things are the most important to you in a car sun shade, and try to find something that fits all of your wants. Take your time and consider all of your options.

Decision Time

There you have it! The ten sun shades for cars on the market today. When you go to make a decision, there are a few things you should keep in mind so that you can pick the shade that will be best for you! First, and most importantly, you should measure the size of your car windows. All of these products come with dimensions, so there should be no surprises when they arrive if you have measured ahead of time.

Once you have measured, keep in mind the style of shade you are looking for. If you want a shade that can be used on any window in your car, go for the Homitt, Mijoyee, Britax, Cozy Greens, or EZ-Bugz products. If you want one of the full window “sock” designs, go for either Fast Mile, Qualizzi Mottor, Baby 1st, iSmartShield, or Uarter products.