Best Car Seat Cushions Reviewed and Rated

If you have a child then you surely have a car seat, a necessary item to keep your child safe. However, as you may notice, some seats can impact the temperature of your child. In the summer months, your child may be very hot in their seat, and in winter they may be very cold. Especially when it comes to winter months, you have to be very careful with keeping your child warm, as dressing them in layers can be very dangerous should you get into an accident. Using a car seat cover can help, but sometimes even that is not enough!

Our Top 3 Picks

Summer Infant Snuzzler Infant Support
  • Summer Infant Snuzzler Infant Support
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Super Safe
  • Price: See Here
Britax Head and Body Support Pillow
  • Britax Head and Body Support Pillow
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy to clean
  • Price: See Here
Summer Infant 2-in-1 Snuzzler PiddlePad
  • Summer Infant 2-in-1 Snuzzler PiddlePad
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Affordable
  • Price: See Here

Instead, a great solution is to invest in a car seat cushion that will help keep your child comfy, protected, and warm! Additionally, these seats can also help keep your child cool during warmer months also. With benefits year round, you should consider getting a car seat cushion right away. Here are our choices for the five best car seat cushions available today.

10 Best Car Seat Cushions


1. Summer Infant

This seat is rated number one due to its incredible value. Providing full body support and year round comfort, this is a great affordable seat that will keep your child happy and safe. With its reversible cushion, it will provide warmth during winter and coolness during summer.
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Crash Tested

Not only is this seat useful, it is also safe. This seat has been crash tested in order to ensure that it stays in place in the event of an accident. You will have peace of mind that your child is protected and safe, even in the event of a crash.

Features and Specifications

    Full body support cushion
    Adjustable head support expands as your child grows
    Reversible design to provide warmth and cooling depending on the season
    Crash tested
    Award winning support


This cushion is incredible affordable and will work even for parents on a very limited budget. The value for the money is incredible, you will not find a better combination of affordability, value, and great features.


Able to be used year round


Is adjustable to work with your child as they grow

3 color options


Washing instructions not clearly stated

Material is not the softest

2. Britax

Britax is a very well known brand of car seat, and also makes this car seat cushion that you and your child are sure to love. This is another cushion that provides full body support, including a head and neck pillow section that adjusts as your child grows. Use this cushion year round, and rest assured your baby is happy and comfortable!
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Reversible Design

This cushion can be used year round thanks to its reversible design. On one side, fleece keeps your child warm in winter, and on the other is moisture controlling fabric that keeps your child cool in summer. The fabric also has wicking properties to draw moisture away, keeping the seat dry and cool.

Features and Specifications

    Full body support pillow, including adjustable head pillow
    Reversible design with fleece on one side and moisture-controlling fabric on the other
    EZ-Dry wicking material keeps moisture out
    Machine washable


This is slightly more expensive than some of the other products on this best car seat cushions list, but it is the most complete and advanced product as well. It is a great value for the money and is a cushion you can use all year long.

Can be used year round thanks to reversible design

Has full body support including head and neck support

Head pillow is detachable as well as adjustable

Cushion stays cool and dry thanks to wicking material

Easy to clean


Can only be shipped in the US

Slight elevated price point

3. Summer Infant 2-in-1

This is the second of two Summer Infant products on this list. This cushion provides full body support, including head and neck support, and is adjustable to work with your child as they grow. Additionally, you will love that this cushion can be used in a large variety of car seats and strollers.
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Piddlepad Helps During Potty Training

This cushion will be a major help when your child is first out of diapers and is potty training. This section of the seat will help prevent any major accident from ruining your car seat and is easily removable and washable.

Features and Specifications

    Full body support cushion
    Snuzzler section protects head and neck
    Adjustable sections accommodate a child’s growth
    3 different sections
    Machine washable


This is a very inexpensive car seat cushion, making it an option even for parents on a more limited budget. This is also a great value for the money considering it has three sections that are all adjustable and machine washable.

Works in a variety of car seats and strollers

Can be used while a child is potty training

Provides full body support, including head and neck support

Is adjustable to use as a child grows



Can only be shipped within the US

Only 1 color option

4. JJ Cole Head Support

This cushion from JJ Cole provides head support for your baby. With this cushion you can be sure that your child’s head and neck are well supported and that overall your baby will be comfortable while sitting in his or her car seat.
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Cushion Designed to Grow

What is great about this cushion is that it is meant to expand and grow along with your child. With this feature, you will be able to use this cushion for a long time instead of having to buy new ones as your child grows.

Features and Specifications

    4 color options
    Head and neck support cushion
    Machine washable
    Breathable fabric


The price of this product is a good value for the money. It is not the cheapest on this list, but also is not the most expensive. If you are looking for support specifically for your child’s head and neck, this is the perfect option for you.

Can be used for years as your child grows

Easy to wash

Comes in a variety of colors and patterns

Fabric is soft and comfortable


Does not provide body support

Can only be shipped within the US

5. WelLifes Baby

This car seat cushion is from WelLifes and it is a great, and incredibly versatile cushion that you will be able to use all year round. With plenty of color options and patterns, this is also a product that is just as stylish as it is functional.
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Cloud 9 Organic Cotton & 3D-air mesh

What makes this cushion so great is the material that it is made of. This breathable, soft fabric will keep your child cool in summer and warm in winter. The 3D-air mesh helps during hot months to remove heat and sweat that your child has. The material is also super hygienic and helps to prevent the growth of microbes.

Features and Specifications

    Reversible cushion for head and neck support
    Made of organic cotton and 3D-air mesh material
    Machine washable
    Comes in 21 colors


This is an expensive item, but considering the construction of the product and the materials used, it is a good value for the money. You are getting a quality product that can be used all year long and in both hot and cold weather.

Can be used year round

Hygienic and easy to wash

Numerous color options

Can be used in car seats, strollers, and other seats


Slightly elevated price point

6. Travel Friends

This super adorable Travel Friends car seat cushion is extra soft and cushy to help provide your sweet
baby with the comfiest ride possible. it also provides full head and body support for your baby in their car seat, their stroller, their bouncy seat, or their swing. It can be moved from device to device so that you can keep your baby supported and comfy wherever they are. It’s also got a super cute design with a patterned material and pretend ears at the top of the cushion.
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Built-In Rattle Toy

This adorable car seat cushion also comes with a special, very unique feature. It has a built-in rattle toy for your little one! The toes actually have a rattle built into them. That way when your little baby kicks their feet, they can hear the rattling sound. This not only provides your baby with a little entertainment in the car but it also gives them stimulation and even helps them to
learn about cause and effect.

Features and Specifications

Soft and cushiony material
Contoured shape
Built-in rattle toy
Cute design
Gender Neutral


This option happen to fall near the top of the typical price range for a car seat cushion. However, it does come with the very unique and cool feature of built-in rattles in the feet of the car seat cushion for your baby to play with. It also has a very unique and super adorable design with a colorful
pattern and cute ears at the top of the cushion. It’s uniqueness alone give it great value and makes the
higher price make complete sense.
  • Unique design gives an extra adorable appearance to your baby’s car seat or stroller
  •  The built-in rattle provides your baby with entertainment and stimulation
  • Super cushy material keeps your baby warm and comfy
    Works great for a boy or a girl
  • Higher price
  • Not the best choice for summer

7. Lebogner

Here is a nice and simply designed infant support pillow perfect for babies of all sizes and shapes. This option Lebogner provides your baby with additional support and comfort compared to just their regular car seat. It is also a great choice not only as a car seat cushion but can also be used in the baby’s stroller as well. It is lightweight and made of a very comfy fabric that not only has good breathability but also helps to keep your baby cozy and warm in the colder parts of the year. It is extremely easy to wash and dry as it is designed to be able to go straight into the normal washing machine and can even be dried in the dryer unlike some other similar car seat cushions.
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Customizable Fit

One of the big draws is the fact that it is designed in a way that makes it very simply and easily adjustable to fit babies of all different sizes. Not only is the head piece able to be moved up and down to be the perfect height for your baby using Velcro, but the head piece is also all able to be removed altogether thanks to the Velcro attachment. Since the head piece can be moved or detached from the rest of the insert, it can be made to fit well for infants of all different sizes.

Features and Specifications

High-quality fabric
Contoured shape
Body and head support


This option doesn’t quite hit the bottom of what you should expect of the other car seat cushions on the market to cost, but it isn’t too far off. With its refreshingly simple design and its ability to be customized to babies of all sizes, this product has a wonderful value for anyone looking for a great and simple cushion.
  • High-quality fabric prevents easy wear and tear
  • Customizable size grows right along with your baby
  • Contoured shape fits around baby well
  • Ability to be machine washed and dried makes upkeep simple and easy
  • Lightweight design may be less supportive than other options

8. DorDor & GorGor

This soft and comfy infant head support provides a great way to add some extra comfort and support to your baby in their car seat, their stroller, their bouncy chair or their swing. It’s nice and easy to move the insert from one place to another if you want to use it in all the different places that your baby sits. It is also environmentally friendly with a primarily organic design. The organic cotton shell is free of all GMOs, pesticides, dyes, and bleaches. You can rest assured that this product won’t only not harm your baby but will also not contribute any harm to the environment either.
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Reversible Design

One of the coolest things about this particular infant head support is that it has a very nifty reversible design. One side of the infant head support is made of a soft and cozy-warm organic cotton material that will do wonders to keep your baby nice and warm in the colder months. The other side of the infant head insert is actually made of a nice and breathable linen fabric perfect to help keep your little one cool during the hotter part of the year.

Features and Specifications

Reversible Design
Organic Cotton Material
Contoured Shape


This nice and environmentally friendly option comes at a surprisingly low price. Thanks to being on the low end of the scale price-wise in addition to its awesome features and more natural design, it definitely for the environmentally conscious ones.
  • Reversible design allows it to be comfortably used year-round
  • Organic cotton material makes it environmentally friendly
  • Washing is easy
  • Prevents your baby’s head from rolling around in the car seat or stroller
  • Height-adjustability
  • Very affordable price
  • Cushions may make a bigger baby feel crowded

9. Chicco Infant

This is a great option from the trusted car seat brand Chicco. It’s a great choice for helping to support your baby’s head and body in their car seat or their stroller or anywhere else that you may sit your baby down. It comes in three separate pieces making it customizable to your baby and your preferences. You can use all three separate pieces together at once, or you can choose to use just one of the pieces or you can choose two of the pieces and use just those two together. It all depends on what works best for you and your little one. It’s also reversible making it a great choice for both the hot and the cold parts of the year.
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Protects Your Baby’s Car Seat

This awesome little car seat cushion doesn’t just function to provide your baby with much-needed comfort and support, it also plays another important role. It has a waterproof backing that prevents any messes from getting to your car seat. The cushion is much easier to clean than the car seat itself so this is a very convenient and beneficial feature. The waterproof backing is also skid proof which means that this car seat cushion won’t easily slip out of place like so many other similar products.

Features and Specifications

Waterproof Backing
Skid proof backing
3 separate pieces
Reversible design
Machine washable


Falling around the middle of the typical price range for car seat cushions, it has undeniable value. It comes with tons of great features and also comes from a trusted brand so you can be extra sure that your baby is nice and safe.
  • Reversible design allows it to be used year-round
  • 3 separate pieces allow you to choose how much of the insert you want to use at any given time
  • Prevents your baby’s head from flopping around in the car
  • Protects your baby’s car seat from messes such as diaper leaks
  • Middle section may be too puffy for larger babies

10. Babymoov Cozymorpho

This awesome product is designed to use practically anywhere that you set your baby down. It is specifically designed for newborns but the recommended age goes up to 6 months old. It has an innovative design and provides amazing, comfortable, and ergonomic support to your precious little baby. With a gender neutral design, it is without a doubt a great choice for any baby and family. It is incredibly soft and made of a nice and breathable fabric helping air to easily circulate around your baby to keep them extra comfortable and better prevent sweating. It is also considered to be universal meaning that it can be used in any seating location.
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Memory Foam Construction

This incredible newborn cushion is designed with a memory foam construction. The innovative memory foam construction provides the most optimal as well as ergonomical support for your baby’s delicate head and body. It’s also very soft and extremely comfortable to keep your sweet baby as happy as can be. The density of the foam throughout this cushion varies to provide the best and most ideal support to help keep your little one correctly positioned.

Features and Specifications

Memory foam construction
Breathable fabric
Universal design
Machine washable
Head and body support


This particular product falls around the middle of what the normal price range is for these type of baby products. With that being said, this baby cushion has incredible value. It may only be for use of babies 6 months old and under, but it more than makes up for that with its wonderful features and the fact that it can be used practically anywhere that you put your baby down including in their crib.
  • Provides optimal and ergonomic support
  • Keeps your baby cool with breathable fabric
  • Works anywhere that you put your baby down at including on flat surfaces
  • Is easy to wash by simply putting it in the washing machine
  • It’s kind of thick as a car seat cushion


5 Tips to Make Sure Your Car Seat Cushion Functions Well

As you are making your decision to purchase a car seat cushion, there are some additional details you should keep in mind. When it comes to any item for your child, you want to not only make sure you are making the right decision that will keep them safe, but also make sure that you are doing everything right on your end. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure your car seat cushion functions well.

1. Decide which type of cushion you want

baby car seat cushion

There are three main types of car seat cushions- those that provide warmth, those that providing cooling, and those that provide both. Depending where you live, there is likely one option that will work best for you. If you live somewhere that is warm year round, you probably don’t need a warm-sided cushion. Instead, try to focus on finding the best cushion that provides cooling, as that is what your child will need. If you like in an area that experiences both warm and cool weather, a dual-sided cushion is perfect for you.

2. Check the sizing

Just as you cannot use one car seat forever, the same may be true with your cushion. To make sure it is functioning as you would like it to, make sure it fits the size of your child’s car seat. Or, if you select a smaller head support cushion, make sure it isn’t too large or too small for your child’s head. While sizing with a cushion is less important than with a car seat, it is still important when trying to get the best option and securing the best fit for your child.

3. Check the washing instructions

As with any item you purchase to use with your child, the realization is that it is going to get dirty. This is especially true for fabric items like car seat covers or cushions. To make your life easier, be sure to check the washing instructions before selecting a cushion to use with your child. Machine washable cushions will be much easier to deal with than ones that have to be hand washed. If you are okay with hand washing an item, that is perfectly fine, but you wouldn’t want to end up with that type of cushion by mistake.

4. Ensure the fit is correct

car seat cushion fit

Similar to checking the sizing of your cushion, you want to make sure the cushion you select will work well with the car seat you have. A cushion that is very bulky can result in the car seat harness fitting loosely, which is incredibly dangerous. Instead, you want a cushion that will provide comfort for your child, and either warmth or cooling, but without adding a bunch of material and bulkiness. This is the same reason why you shouldn’t dress your child in heavy sweaters and coats in the winter, as they also result in a loose fitting harness. Most cushions you will find will be fairly thin, but it’s good to be aware of this issue should you stumble across a cushion that is in fact on the bulkier side.

5. Determine the age of the child who will use the cushion

Are you planning to use a cushion with a newborn? Toddler? Timing can make all the difference, as some cushions will be better made to handle young children who are more prone to accidents. If you are using it with a child who hasn’t yet been potty trained, you’ll likely be better off with a cushion that is designed to deal with accidents. These cushions will help contain the leaks and prevent them from spreading to your car seat or car cushions. They will be easy to remove and machine washable, a major plus. If your child is older and potty trained, this isn’t necessarily a consideration you need to make.

Criteria of Evaluation


Price is always a major consideration when selecting items for our list. Raising a child is expensive no matter what, so price is usually a determining factor for most parents. Because car seat cushions are not a necessity, price becomes even more important. For that reason, we always try to select high quality products that are available at various price points. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you should be able to find something on our list that will fit in your budget.

User Ratings

user ratings

How people actually feel about and use the product always helps us make our decisions. A product description is always going to make the product sound perfect, so we like to see what parents actually think about it. If a product performs poorly amongst its users, it doesn’t matter how great it sounds in the description. We take into consideration user ratings and those ratings help us decide if we should include a product on a list. Sometimes a product is great, but only for people in certain situations. We take that into consideration too and use that info to help give you a complete idea about each product we include in our buying guides.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

brand reputation

Product safety could not be more important when it comes to items you use with your child. For that reason, we always take into consideration the reputation of the manufacturer. If there have been serious safety issues with a product (or a certain company) we don’t want to include it on our list. Rather, we select products from manufacturers that know the child industry well and know how to make a safe product. Some items are more important than others when it comes to safety (car seats for example), but no matter what, safety is important consideration you should always think about when purchasing anything for your child.

Ease of Use

Finally, ease of use makes it on our list of criteria because it impacts the child’s safety, as well as the mindset of a parent. A product that is hard to use can result in a parent using it incorrectly and potentially harming their child. A difficult product to use can also be very stressful for parents, which is the last thing you need! Life is stressful enough as it is without difficult products. While there is far less involved with using a car seat cushion, we still take into consideration if it is particularly easy to use when creating our final list.


Q. What is the best car seat cushion for long road trips?

find the best car seat cushion for long tripsFor long road trips, you certainly want a car seat cushion that is going to keep your child comfortable, even after several hours in the car.

Another thing you want to consider is how hot your child might get after sitting there for a long period of time.

Consider a car seat cushion that has moisture wicking and cooling technology, such as the Britax Head and Body Support Pillow which has moisture controlling fabric on one side. For comfort, choose something that also has a built in head/neck pillow, such as the Summer Infant Snuzzler cushion. This will keep your child comfortable and hopefully help them to sleep.

Reversible cushions (like the Britax cushion we mentioned) also have a warmer side which may also be useful if you are taking a long trip during colder months. Because it is reversible, you have the option to switch back and forth easily according to how your child is feeling.

Q. What is the best one for the summer?

During summer, your child needs to be kept cool. Heavy cushions can actually cause your child to overheat. Instead, get a cushion that has a lightweight material, and preferably one that is also moisture wicking. The WelLifes Baby Breathable Air Mesh Organic Cotton Cool Seat Liner is a great summer cushion option. It has 3D-air mesh technology that removes heat and sweat from your child, keeping them cool and comfortable the entire ride.

Whatever cushion you purchase, make sure it has a lightweight breathable fabric that won’t cause your child to sweat or feel hot. Wicking material is also helpful in case any sweating does occur. You may be tempted to get the cushion that looks super soft and cozy, but during the summer this will actually make your child uncomfortable, as it will make them too warm. Solve this problem by packing a blanket in the car in case they do get chilly.

Q. And the one for the winter?

Winter cushions are all about thicker, warmer fabrics that trap heat in to keep your child comfortable. When selecting a cushion, consider fabric options like fleece. These thick, soft materials are comforting to your child and will keep them nice and warm. Full body cushions will help keep your child warm from head to toe. If you have just a body cushion, consider getting a soft head support pillow, like the head support pillow from JJ Cole.

Keep in mind you do not want to layer your child up in clothes before putting them in a car seat. The layers of clothes make their harness fit less securely and can make them less safe in the event of an accident. Instead, dress them in loose clothes and make sure you have a warm cushion waiting for them. Put a blanket on top and they will be good to go: kept warm and kept safe!

Q. What car seat cushion fabric stays the cleanest?

Car seat cushions are likely to get dirty, no matter what material you select. Certain fabrics, like microfiber, are much easier to clean. However, in terms of staying the cleanest you should look at a cushion’s washing instructions. If you are able to throw the cushion in the washing machine, it will stay a lot cleaner in general. The Britax Head and Body Support Pillow, for example, is machine washable.

When selecting a cushion, don’t think about fabric in terms of cleaning. Pleather is easy to wipe clean, but would you really get your child a cushion made out of it? Probably not. Instead, check and see if the cushion can be thrown in the wash. Accidents are sure to happen, it’s better to plan for them in advance.

Q. How do you clean car seat cushions?

The good thing about car seat cushions is that they are completely separate from the car seat, meaning they are easily removed. However, each cushion will vary in terms of cleaning. Some are machine washable, where others will say ‘spot clean only’ or ‘hand wash only.’ Be sure to follow these instructions so you don’t damage the cushion. If there are certain moisture wicking technologies they may lose their effectiveness if put in the wash or dryer.

When hand washing, be sure to use a mild soap. Clean the entire thing and lay it out or hang it out somewhere to dry. Do not stick a cushion in the dryer unless the tag specifically says it can be dried in that way. It takes a little longer to line dry, but will save you from having to replace the cushion.

Q. Can you waterproof a car seat cushion?

Not necessarily. It isn’t recommended that you spray car seat cushions with waterproofing sprays, but you do have other options. First, consider purchasing a cushion that is listed as being waterproof or quick drying. The Summer Infant 2-in-1 Snuzzler PiddlePad, for example, was made for this very reason. The cushion has an easy to wash bottom cushion that helps protect your car seat and your car from any unfortunate accidents.

If your child is still potty training, consider purchasing a cushion made for this very reason. These fabrics will dry easier and almost always are made to be put in the washing machine. Many cushions today are made to be either waterproof or easy to clean because it is inevitable your child will have an accident or spill a drink at some point.

Q. Are car seat cushions safe?

are car seat cushions safe?Yes. They are made to keep your child comfortable without sacrificing safety.

A bulky cushion is not advisable, as it can make your child’s harness fit loosely. However, the majority of car seat cushions you will find are completely fine.

You can also select cushions that are made for specific car seats to feel even safer, such as the Britax cushion which has been approved for use with all Britax car seats.

Many cushions have been crash tested to prove they are safe, so do a little research if you are nervous about a specific product. If possible, stick to cushions that match to the brand of car seat you have to ensure a safe fit.

Decision Time

There you have it! These are the five best car seat cushions on the market right now. When you make a decision, keep in mind what type of support you are looking for, as well as if you want the cushion to provide warmth, cooling, or both. For full body support, go with the WelLifes, Summer Infant (either model), or Britax cushion. For just head and neck support, the JJ Cole cushion is great. For reversible comfort that can provide warmth or cooling, we recommend either the Britax or Summer Infant Snuzzler cushions.