Best Backpacks for Boys and Girls Reviews & Ratings

The period the school year begins, boys and girls would require a backpack that would be able to fit all their crucial items. Although those backpacks with animal designs might be pretty, they would not come with ample space. Even very young students require a bag which is spacious.

This is because a backpack stays with your child almost all day. It is essential to aid them in accommodating books, stationery, laptops, and electronic devices among many others. A backpack has to be durable. This is so it would have the capacity to deal with daily usage and trips to and fro school, storage in lockers among other things.

Our Top 3 Picks

High Sierra
  • High Sierra
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Good Space
  • Price: See Here
  • Leaper
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great Design
  • Price: See Here
Under Armour
  • Under Armour
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fair Price
  • Price: See Here

Also, an ideal backpack should not be so heavy. They should at least be comfortable for the child to wear them for long periods of time and should not cause pain in the shoulders or lower back. A backpack should normally consist of multiple compartments as well as storage spaces to ensure all your child’s essentials can be kept organized every time. There are backpacks which even sport special locations for laptops and tablets.

Ideally, you would want any backpack you purchase for your child to function efficiently and not consist of harmful materials like PVC. This is because backpacks constructed using this material could be detrimental to the health of your kid as it consists of an elevated amount of lead which can end up causing harm.

Additionally, most kids would love backpacks that show their style and personality. Choosing the ideal one might not be so straightforward considering the number of options available on the market today. So, below, we have selected 10 backpacks for boys and girls which provide ample space, durability, and comfort. Additionally, some of them are certain to provide years of usage before needing replacement.

10 Backpacks for Boys and Girls


1. High Sierra Loop

1. High Sierra Loop
When you decide to go on a trail, then there is no better bag than the High Sierra Loop. This bag is designed with features to let you carry additional gear on the external part of the bag. You have features like the hanging accessory pocket and also side compression straps. You don’t need to worry about space to fit in your sleeping bag since you can easily attach it to the bag.

One of the great features of this bag is the availability of multiple compartments on the bag. This makes it easy to arrange different items in separate compartments for better organization. Each compartment can be accessed using the high-quality zips on the bag. You get four interior pockets and there is also dedicated pocket in case you wish to put your tablet in the bag.

The backpack is made from 600D Duralite material and it is suitable for moving around with heavy loads. This is due to the design of the shoulder straps. What all of these features mean for your child is that he or she has a lot of options to work with. Your child will most definitely appreciate all of these things especially if trips are a norm for him or her.
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It has 4 pockets on the interior and six on the exterior
There are side compression straps which can be adjusted
It is made from 600D Duralite material
Lots of compartments with zips to lock and secure each compartment
There is a pocket designed specially to hold tablets
It lacks a laptop compartment


When you go for a High Sierra backpack, you are always certain of quality. But what makes them stand out is the price at which these backpacks come. The High Sierra Loop comes at a price which can be considered average compared to other backpacks available in the market.


High Sierra is becoming well known for producing high-quality backpacks for use on trails and they don't disappoint with the High Sierra Loop. With lots of compartments and compression straps, it is easy to adjust the size of the backpack to match your gear.
  • You have lots of colour options as the backpack is available in 20 colours
  • Carrying tablets is safer with the dedicated tablet pocket
  • There is no shortage of space to pack your items or gear
  • To stop your gear from moving from side to side in the bag, there is a side compression strap
  • Tents and sleeping bags can be carried by attaching them to the lower adjustable strap
  • It is not suitable for carrying laptop without a laptop pocket

2. Leaper Casual

2. Leaper Casual
The Leaper backpack is beautifully designed and created using High-quality canvas. It is a great backpack for girls and comes with an adjustable padded strap which ensures that it can be carried about with ease. The padded strap also ensures there is no level of inconvenience felt when carrying the backpack about even for long periods of time.

The backpack comes with ample storage space with a laptop compartment that can efficiently accommodate a 14-inch laptop. It comes with 2 side pockets which can fit a water bottle with ease and the main compartment where other crucial items can be stored. There is one inner zipper pocket which can be utilized in safeguarding very small items as well. This backpack is lastly lightweight and is ideal for everyday school trips making it a great choice for students or kids headed to college or school.
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It is constructed of High-quality Canvas
It has a size of 11.8*16.9*5.5 in (L*H*W)
It has a host of storage spaces which include one front pocket, two side pockets as well as a laptop compartment
It comes with an adjustable padded strap


The backpack comes at a basically standard price and is ideal for any parent who does not want to spend excessively but also purchases something of quality for their kids.


For parents in search of a backpack ideal for casual and everyday school trips, then look no further than the Leaper cute backpack. Additionally, the large capacity of this backpack ensures it can be loaded with necessities for everyday living.
  • It comes with ample storage space
  • It has a padded laptop compartment alongside an elastic Velcro for extra security
  • It has a magnetic snap
  • The bag has a beautiful design
  • It is constructed using thick and sturdy materials
  • The material is not easy to clean efficiently without causing damage to it

3. Under Armour

3. Under Armour
This backpack can be used both on a daily basis or if you decide you will be going on a trip. It is safe and easy to use for any age group which includes kids. Additionally, the backpack is made of 100% polyester material and it has just one main compartment. The shoulder straps are also adjustable HeatGear for extra comfort.

To make it suitable for the unpredictable changes in outdoor weather condition, the backpack has a DWR finish which makes it waterproof. It also retains its breathability and has enough space to fit necessary items which you will need when going for outdoor. There are lots of reasons why people buy backpacks and one of the most popular reason is to transport their laptops safely. This backpack has a laptop sleeve which makes it suitable for carrying laptops and it can support a laptop with 15” size.
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The shoulder straps are HeatGear and can be adjusted
For it to be waterproof it uses a DWR finish
It is made from 100% Polyester
It has one main compartment which uses a 2 zip-shut
Can hold a 15” laptop in the laptop sleeve
There is a front pocket


The Under Armour Boys’ Storm comes at a higher price than most in this particular category. Still, with the features and the durability of the backpack, you are sure to get your money’s worth from the use of the backpack.


Under Armour is quite popular for making high-quality goods which also includes sporting equipment. An example is this backpack which is of high-quality and has enough space to fit in a laptop. It also comes with the HeatGear and DWR finish for improved performance.
  • It is affordable
  • Very good for kids
  • It is a waterproof backpack
  • The storage capacity is quite reasonable

The backpack is versatile and of high-quality

  • Fitting in a laptop takes up most of the space in the bag leaving you with little room for books

4. JiaYou Girl Flower

4. JiaYou Girl Flower
This JiaYou Girl Flower backpack is a great choice if you are in search of a bag made with high quality and sturdy materials for your kids. It is beautifully designed and comes alongside numerous compartments and pockets which are useful in the storage of a lot of essential items. The main compartment can also aid in the storage of iPads, A4 books as well as other crucial items.

The second pocket can be used in the storage of notebooks, while the smaller pockets can be used in the storage of cash and other little items. The polyester materials this backpack is created from makes it waterproof and safeguards it against water damage. The straps and zippers are made using high-quality materials and this ensures it can be utilized on a daily basis without worry of it falling apart. Lastly, the unique and colourful designs make it a great choice for girls as well as women.
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It is made from polyester materials
For diversity, it comes in two sizes
It comes with a host of pockets which allow for diversity of purposes
The backpack comes with a laptop compartment
It is a general backpack which is suitable for both women and girls


This backpack comes a little below the standard price making it affordable considering all the features that come along with it.


The JiaYou backpack is sturdy and constructed using polyester materials which ensure that water cannot cause any damage to materials in it. This diversity of its also makes it very much welcomed on the part of girls and women. This is definitely a backpack worth having a look into before making your next purchase.
  • It is very durable
  • The zippers are made of high-grade materials and do not bend with ease
  • It comes with a sturdy and thick handle
  • It comes in a very pretty design
  • The bag could be heavy for some

5. Vbiger

5. Vbiger
The VBIGER backpack is a versatile backpack which is suitable for both boys and girls while also being able to serve as a school bag, a hiking bag, and a travelling bag. If the bag will be used by a middle school or high school student, the backpack is spacious enough to fit in all the essential items needed for school and still leave room for some few additional items. With two top straps, it is also easy to move with the backpack in your hands or hang it on your shoulder depending on the environment you find yourself. Also, there are lots of storage areas as well as inner pockets which all have zippers.

The material of the backpack is a Nylon fabric. This material makes it easy to clean and maintain the bag. Snow residue, dust, or mud, can easily be wiped. The nylon is also waterproof to protect the interior in wet conditions. Furthermore, the VBIGER bag is also very spacious and can contain lots of books and also lets you fit in a laptop. The shoulder straps are also quite comfortable to the user of the backpack since it distributes the weight of the backpack across the back equally. It’s not every time you will need to pack the backpack full and it will be awkward having the bag in its full size while almost empty. The compression straps play a vital role in this case as they help in reducing the thickness of the backpack.
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It has a waterproof feature
Durable backpack
Produced using Nylon fabric
The shoulder straps are adjustable
Spacious backpack
It can be used for hiking, travelling, and as a school bag
Suitable for boys
It measures 18.2" in height, 12.2" in length and 7.1" in thickness
Great for carrying electronics like iPads, laptops, etc.


This is one of the most affordable backpacks on this list. Considering the features, you find that the price can be considered more of a giveaway.


It doesn’t matter if it’s needed for a boy or girl (yes, even your girl could use this), the VBIGER backpack is a great bet. The backpack is very spacious and durable with waterproof feature. It is also designed to be able to carry electronics which students may need in school.
  • The waterproof feature works well
  • It is a great quality for the price
  • Easy to clean liquids of the backpack
  • It is attractive
  • Thick straps which are sturdy and comfortable
  • It has plenty of pockets
  • It is not a totally durable backpack in some of our copies

6. Efree Cute Cat Face

6. Efree Cute Cat Face
The Efree Cute backpack comes with a host of appealing designs. It spots a beautiful bow princess design and cat smile face. It is equally created using Nylon material of high quality which is water resistant. In short, you can rest assured that the valuables of your kids would be safe and secure even when close to water. Additionally, as a result of the material, dirt can be cleaned off the bag with ease. The material is also antibacterial which ensures your kids do not come across any sort of infection as a result of bacteria.

With colours ranging from rose to black and pink, kids and parents alike are sure to find a colour that meets their individual requirements. Safety of the kids back is secure with the aid of the breathable widened straps. This is because they assist in averting the pressure on the shoulders.
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It is made from Nylon Materials
Come in colours Black, Pink, and Rose
The material is designed beautifully as it sports a bow princess design which is ergonomic, antibacterial, easy to clean and waterproof.
It comes with breathable straps alongside a ventilation back design which aids in averting pressure from the shoulders
It sports a comfortable system of 3 layers, widening delivery system and a breathable mesh system
It comes with numerous pockets which include 1 Vice pocket, 1 main pocket as well as 2 side mesh pockets
It comes in two sizes which are medium - 39*17*29 cm, Large - 42*20*32 cm


This backpack is a bit above the normal price of other backpacks. If you are not bothered about spending a little extra for your kids, then this is a great choice for you.


The Efree Cute Cat Face is waterproof, durable, has an adjustable strap, and features ample space for your girl’s essentials. These features, as well as the outstanding design, makes it a bag one must just have to look at before purchasing a new backpack.
  • It is quite spacious
  • The backpack is very durable
  • It has breathable straps
  • It can be cleaned with ease
  • It is water-resistant
  • There have been complaints about the stink it comes with

7. High Sierra Opie

7. High Sierra Opie
One of the better trail backpacks, the Opie is made from a Waffle Weave, Mini-Hexagon ripstop Duralite material. It has a capacity of 1800 cubic-inch which means it is quite spacious. There are a lot of compartments on the backpack with zippers to open and close each. It also has padding on the straps and the back panel with lots of pockets for some additional small items.

When you decide to go on a trail, you will often need to carry lots of equipment and not all may fit into your backpack. The Opie comes fitted with daisy chain loops which are strong and durable. These loops can be used in attaching any additional gear which cannot be put into the backpack due to a shortage of space.

With this backpack, there is no shortage of compartments, slots, and pockets which you can use to keep your backpack organized. Since it is designed specifically for going on trails, it is no surprise that it comes with a pocket for an MP3 player. This pocket also has a headphone port with a zipper stop. The shoulder straps have an S-shape with paddings to make it comfortable for the user and also a cell phone pocket for easy access in case of emergency. There is also a side pocket made of mesh material in which you can store your beverage cup or water bottle. Essentially, if the bag could prove helpful on the trail, it has immense features/benefits on offer for your boy.
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The materials used in this backpack include 600D Duralite, Waffle Weave, and Mini-Hexagon Ripstop
ID windows are present on the backpack
Pocket dedicated to music with a headphone port
The Daisy chain loops for additional gear
Card slots in the bag
The main compartment is spacious and it has a lot of other compartments
Side mesh pockets
Back panel and straps with proper padding
Cell phone pockets and pen pockets


The High Sierra Opie is one of the more affordable backpacks from this manufacturer. The features on it are very useful and the price would be considered more of a budget price for a trail backpack of this quality.


One of the better backpacks available on the market, the Opie offers a lot of features for such a low price. There are lots of compartments for your essentials and additional ones can be taken along using the daisy chain loops. The backpack is also comfortable for use on the go.
  • Special pockets for keys and ID cards
  • Properly padded shoulder straps which are wide
  • It uses a material of waffle weave, ripstop of 600D Duralite
  • Additional exterior storage in the form of mesh pocket for water bottle or beverage cup
  • Comfortable back panel with good padding
  • It appears to be too small for some buyers

8. JiaYou Girl Multipurpose

8. JiaYou Girl Multipurpose
The JiaYou Girl is a bag constructed of high quality and sturdy materials. The colour is very appealing and would be loved by most girls and kids alike. The bag also comes with well-padded straps which ensure kids can use them for long hours conveniently. The size of this backpack is very excellent and it has numerous compartments which are easily accessible. Firstly, it has a laptop compartment which allows for the easy storage of laptops while in transit.

And it comes alongside two side pockets at the outer parts which can be used to secure water bottles. For added security, there is a strap which would help in further strapping the water bottle in place. It also comes with a two-way zip which can be utilized with ease and allows for easy access to the internal contents of the bag.
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It is constructed from Nylon materials
It sports a laptop compartment
It has numerous pockets which aids in meeting diverse requirements
It comes in two sizes which include: Small size with measurements: 43 x 26 x 17 cm or 16.92" x 10.23" x 6.7" and large size: 48 x 30 x 19 cm or 18.89" x 11.8" x 7.48


Price can be considered ideal with loads of features it comes with. All that’s left to do is to see if this is worth your while.


With a good price and loads of features, this is one of the best choices for both parent and child. As a result of that, we recommend you give it a look at the least if you're considering investing in a backpack for your baby girl.
  • The backpack is sturdy
  • It comes with various storage compartments
  • It comes in more than one size
  • It is designed beautifully
  • The backpack comes in appealing colours
  • There have been complaints that the material is like plastic

9. MAYZERO Waterproof

9. MAYZERO Waterproof
The MAYZERO is made from a high-quality Nylon material which is one of the reasons why it has a strong waterproof feature. In addition to this, it still offers great breathability and it is lightweight. It is designed to be used as a school bag by children going to school. So in rainy weathers, the waterproof material helps to ensure that books do not get wet.

The backpack also has a spacious interior to cater to the needs of a student. The shoulder straps are also properly padded to prevent any discomfort to the child on the shoulder. There are lots of spaces on the bag for children to arrange their items. It has a main pocket, an extra pocket, two side mesh pockets for water bottles and beverage bottles. These will be enough to cater to your daily needs.

Having the MAYZERO, you don't have to worry about the backpack getting damaged easily. The material of the backpack is durable, resistant to wear, and also doesn't wrinkle. It is also made of the high-quality metal zipper which means you don't have to worry about the zipper breaking or any issue with the sliding.
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The backpack has a large capacity consisting of one main pocket, an extra pocket, a prep bag, a vice-home bag, and mesh pockets on both sides
A waterproof feature, lightweight backpack, and wear-resistant quality
Shoulder strap on the backpack has a plastic buckle which can be used in adjusting the strap
There is a 1 cm thick cotton padding on the shoulder straps
Nylon material which is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and offers great breathability
The backpack is designed with simplicity so that kids can use it efficiently
It has multiple compartments and is suitable for hiking, camping, and travelling


With a price below average, this budget backpack offers long-lasting features which doubles your investment. You also get lots of great features which put it above some backpacks which come at a higher price.


Waterproof, lightweight, and durable, this bag meets the requirements for a children school bag. There are lots of compartments for carrying different items and you can trust the zipper material to last a long time.
  • The backpack is quite durable
  • Backpack is brightly coloured
  • Suitable for middle school kids
  • Can be cleaned with ease
  • There are multiple compartments
  • Great sliding zippers
  • Compared to other popular backpacks, this one is quite small

10. BLUEFAIRY Hearts

10. BLUEFAIRY Hearts
This BLUEFAIRY Hearts backpack which is lightweight comes with a beautiful design consisting of glasses and heart print making it ideal for any child. It comes with lots of space which consist of 4 compartments of diverse sizes. These there hence consist of a major compartment, two compartments of medium sizes and a small compartment in front. The Main compartment consists of a compartment for safekeeping of laptops as well as a little pouch with zipping for little items. It also has adequate room to accommodate all the essential items a girl requires.

Moving on, the various compartments will ensure the child is kept organized at every point in time. And the zippers which are constructed using high-quality materials can aid in keeping items secure as they do not bend, break, or fall off easily. The 2 adjustable shoulder straps behind come nicely padded and are very convenient and comfortable for your girl to carry the bag for long hours at a time. Additionally, there is a handle above the bag as well as a strap which can be used in hanging the bag either in the classroom or home. This would also be useful in locations without that much space.
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It is made of Polyester Material and Nylon Lining
It is resistant to water and can be cleaned with ease
The backpack has ample storage capacity which consists of four diverse size compartments with high-grade zippers
2 meshed pockets at the size and a small pocket as well as laptop compartment well hidden in the major compartment
The shoulder straps are S-shaped and easy to carry
It is stylishly designed and has beautiful colours


The backpack comes a bit above the standard price when compared to other backpacks in this category. So, if you can afford to invest a few extra dollars in purchasing this backpack for your child, then it is worth checking out.


This backpack is beautifully designed and comes with numerous compartments which most kids would find handy. Additionally, the S-shaped shoulder strap makes it a bag kids would love to have because of the ease of carrying.
  • The fabric is nice and sturdy
  • It comes with numerous compartments for storage
  • The backpack has a laptop compartment
  • It can be cleaned with ease
  • There have been complaints that it is not entirely water resistant

Selection criteria

There are lots of factors to consider before deciding on a bag which meets the requirements for quality, durability, and style. After conducting research and asking various parents their best choices for their kids in terms of space, durability, and others. We narrowed down the available options by using criteria of our own and below are some things we put into consideration in selecting the best backpacks for you. They include:

Check the stitching on the backpack. If it is uneven or loose, this is a sign that it will come undone after a brief period of use.

Check for raw or frayed fabric edges which could unravel. Kindly pass up backpacks with these flaws.

For zippers to last a long time, a flap of fabric is used to cover the zipper. This is to protect it from weather elements like water, wind, dust. If a zipper does not have any form of protection, do not purchase the backpack.

Select the right size. Ensure the size of the backpack is proportional to the size of the individual that will make use of the backpack. This means that if you wish to get a backpack for a little kid, do not buy a backpack that will be suitable for a high school kid. The height of the bag is also important. It should be from the waist level to about two inches before the shoulder blades.

Avoid buying backpacks with narrow straps. The most comfortable type of strap is a broad strap which has been properly padded. It is also essential that the two straps are worn together to properly distribute the backpack weight.

Carrying the backpack with just one strap puts the entire weight of the bag on a single shoulder causing excessive strain on the shoulder. To get the proper position where the backpack should be, it is important you get a backpack which has an adjustable strap.

Backpacks with just one compartment make it difficult to distribute the load within the backpack. It is advised that you pick one which has multiple slots, pockets, and dividers. This helps in the arrangement of items as the heavy items are supposed to be closer to the back while lighter items can stay in the front parts of the backpack.

The recommended weight of a backpack for carrying is 15% of the weight of the person using the bag. This 15% of the weight includes the weight of the backpack plus the contents of the backpack.

Chest and waist straps are additional weight distribution features on the backpack. For any backpack that has these, you should ensure that they are positioned correctly on the kid for it to distribute the weight perfectly. If you position these wrongly, you may be causing more discomfort and harm with these backpack features.

Hip belt should go around the hips while chest strap should make it easy to move the arms around.

Consider Your Child’s Personal Style

When buying a backpack for a kid, as much as you are out to get the best, always remember that you are not the one to use the backpack. With the child being the one to use it every day, you need to ensure that you get something that the child likes. If possible, ask the child for his of her preferences.

The products above meet these requirements in one way or the other and will most likely be cherished by your child. We know this since these aren’t the only tests we conducted and they still passed it. One such example is showcasing the bags to different parents and their boys/girls for their preferences.

Remarkably, the above products passed them with flying colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the bags above?

You should check out a commercial store whether online or otherwise and browse through their collection. Though, we recommend buying online (on Amazon to be more specific) since you have various reviews and discount (etcetera) available.

How do I choose a backpack for my child?

Kindly go through the “Selection Criteria” and use the pointers there in your favour.

How much weight is advisable to carry?

Only carry 15% of the total body mass in your backpack. This is done so as to ensure complications like poor posture further down the line (in the case of your child especially).